RAVAGER: Machine Gun 42
The RAVAGER Was The First Heavy Weight Machine Gun In The Rivera Federation Military, and was the Longest Gun To Be Used In their Military Until 4029...


August 13th, 223Ga...


Beltlogger 12'


Rivera Federation


7.92x57mm Mauser


  • RAVAGER 42 (Rivera Federation/Actual Name)...
  • MG.42 (Allies During World War 2)...
  • Maschinengewehr 42 (Rangeria During World War II)...
  • RIPPER (Dogrna Pirates)...

Effective Range:


Rate Of Fire:

  • 1,200 rounds/min (varied between 900–1,500 rounds/min with different bolts)


223Ga - 4029

The RAVAGER 42 Machine Gun: The First Heavy Machine Gun Ever to Be Used by Rivera And was Developed From Beltlogger 12 On August 13th, 223 Of The Grand Advance Era. The MG 42 was considered to be the first Heavy Machine Gun in the Rivera Federation Arsenal, and was First used during the Platnium War in order to replace the old Rivera Federation Gra 39 light Machine Gun used during The War On Sectors. After It's success It was massed produced than later became Rivera's Most well Advanced Machine Guns. It was than used In the Civil War between the Rivera Federation and the Rivera Rangerian forces during the 1200's In the War Of 1211. It was later manufactured down on Earth on Europodia (Europe) In the Early Middle Ages's and was considered As a primary Machine Gun for the Rivera Federation Forces in Europodia during the years. After the War Of 1211 The MG 42 was taken over by the Rivera Rangeria Forces until the Events of World War 2. After World War 2 The MG 42 was Scrapped By The Rivera Rangeria forces after thier Withdraw from Earth In 1945 leaving the Earth Continent's to developed new Heavy Machine Guns... However the Rivera Federation still continue to Use the Heavy Machine Gun which spared the MG.42's Fate of being scrapped. 2 Years later it was considered to be the primary Machine Gun For the Continent of Beltlogger Sector. 6 Years later The Rivera Rangerain Forces now Known as the Rivera Encores. Reused the MG.42 and even made a Jermorian Copy of known as the Dagger 23 sent this copy down to the Earth Continent's In 2017, in order give their once Continent's some help. However before The Dagger 23 the Earth Continent's developed their own variety of newly Heavy MG's The Lord 900, (Europodia), Gara 10, (Hallwoiea), and the Hail 6 (Gunghollow), each one of these new machine guns were considered to be the same speed and power of the MG 42, but only a different type of model. When the Dagger 23 arrived on Earth, it was considered to be a secondary heavy if the Earth Continent's should get tired of their machine guns. The Dagger was used by the Earth Continent's undtil the events of the great Departure. which lead to the Earth Continent's vanishing off of Earth and the beginning of both the Universal War, and the Rivera Federation War. The Rivera Federation War marked the MG 42's returned to Earth, but was considered to be the last war. After the Rivera Federation War the MG 42 never again was brought to the surface of the Earth, but continued to remain under Riverian Military operation.

Numbers Built: 900,000,000,000

Status: Still In Use...

Invasion Of Equestria... 2172 - 2175Edit

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