Red Initiates the Areas controlled by The MoonWalkers On Planet Earth during the Rivera Federation War...

R.Territory, Is An Earth Term Used during the Rivera Federation War, Symbolizing A Continent or an Area under Rivera Federation Control. R.Territories are mostly heavily defended, and contain a large variety of Outpost's Minor Base's and New Production Industries.

FS7 Control Universe Of Hora Edit

  • Dune 48:
  • Degorna:
  • Destructor:
  • Sierra:
  • Hun:
  • Korna:
  • Asteroid FoxTrot:
  • Rivera:
  • Gradora:

FS7 Control Planet Earth Edit

  • Afghanistan:
  • Western Russia:
  • Iran:
  • Much Of Japan:
  • United States North East and Southern States:
  • Australia's Eastern Half:
  • Central Antarctica:
  • Little Of Eastern Russia:
  • Some Of Oceania:
  • Eastern Asia:
  • South East Asia:
  • New Zealand:
  • North Africa:

Radiated Territory Edit

Gallery Edit

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