Princess Luna
Luna eating an apple by supermatt314-d4dmx76
Princess Luna
Vital statistics
Title Co-ruler of Equestria
Gender Female
Race Winged Unicorn
Faction Equestria
Health Unknown
Level 1,000?
Status Alive
Location Canterlot
Princess Luna
Kind Alicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Co-ruler of Equestria
  • Princess of Night
More info
Eyes Template:Colorsquare
Mane Template:Colorsquare
Coat Template:Colorsquare
Cutie mark
Crescent moon on a dark purple background

Princess Luna was the co-ruelr of Equestria and the young sister of Princess Celestia.

United Nazi War Edit

Operation SergeEdit



After The Nazi WithdrawEdit

Rivera Federation WarEdit

Invasion Of Equestria 2172-2175Edit

War Horse PageantEdit

Main article: The War Horse Day Pageant

Revenge After EquestriaEdit

Battle Of Sword 2179Edit

Battle Of Cincinatti 2180Edit

Second Battle Of New Gunghollow 2206Edit

Siege of RoharaEdit

Second Battle Of ChicagoEdit

Invasion Of RiveraEdit

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