Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia
Vital statistics
Title Supreme co-ruler of Equestria
Gender Female
Race Alicorn
Faction Equestria
Health 10,000?
Level 1000?
Status Alive
Location Canterlot
Princess Celestia was the princess of Equestria, lived along with her sister, Princess Luna. The two just encountered a large group of battlecruisers, they are part of the United Earth Directorate Expeditionary Fleet, under DuGalle's command, now the UED was led by the Grand Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope. The two granted the admiral to buy them some times to protect all of the Equestrian lands from the undead. The three were now became allies once again and begins mass producing the AMTs (Abbreviation of Automated Magic Turrets). Then, she became friends with Grand Admiral Grant MCalliope and Grand President Paffendoft Petrenkov.


She was the co-ruler of Equestria.

Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia, lookign to her subjects




Princess, Twilight Sparkle's mentor


Grand Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope aka Admiral DuGalle(Friend and also Expeditionary Commander/Lord Commander), Twilight Sparkle (Pupil)


Luna (Young Sister), Blueblood (Nephew)

The Crystal Empire Incident of 2037Edit

Rivera Federation WarEdit

Invasion Of Equestria 2172-2175Edit

Princess Celestia who watched from Hoof Ridge about 20 Miles from the Stalion Fields witnessed as the FS7 Glass Ships reduced the entire Field to Fire, along with 88% Of the Lunar Empire. Anger Boiled deep within her heart. "This is No Invasion, This Is Genocide!"

Revenge After EquestriaEdit

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Second Battle Of New Gunghollow 2206Edit

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