Overseas Forces of the Stars of Mir

Forces d'outre-mer des Etoiles de Mir
Übersee Streitkräfte der Gestirne Mir
Зарубежные Силы Звезды Мир
Overseas Puwersa ng Bituin ng Mir
ミールのスターの海外部隊 (Mīru no sutā no kaigai butai)
Transmarinis virtutes stellarum et Mir

Allegiance Stars of Mir Stars of Mir
Role Overseas Forces
  • Super-Continental Forces
  • Continental Forces
  • Regional Forces
  • Archipelago Forces
  • State Forces
  • Province Forces
  • Island Forces
Size 7,000,000,000
Part of Stars of Mir Overseas Forces Command
Patron Colonel-in-Chief Overseas Manes
Motto "Defense and Unity"
Commander-in-Chief Stars of Mir Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon
Overseas Forces commanders
The Overseas Forces of the Stars of Mir are stationed around the world after the first war against the Hooves of Sleipnir.

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