Operation Entdeckung refers to the Allied Coalition Directorate plan to help United Earth Federation Expeditionary Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope find the World of Harmony. They could not function outside an alliance framework. These events led to the founding of the World of Harmony and the Harmony Space, in 2144 to 2145.

Creation of the United Earth Federation Expeditionary FleetEdit


Adolf Hitler stated that the fight was mainly between the Terran Starship Command and the Allied Coalition Directorate. “People resent the fact that while the ACD followed a policy of the World of Harmony-finding United Earth Federation and of friendship with FIP after the war, it now advocates the searching they could just as easily argue that it was for cooperation with the UEF and to change its policy”.

During the ACD meeting in September 2144 the Powers League Federation decided to become isolated for the operation because they did not want the World of Harmony to be found. Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope wanted to find both the planets and its space because the then USE British chancellor James Churchill decided that it would appease the fears of its neighbors and it would gain the UEF's trust and show willingness to cooperate. At first the FIP was skeptical about the whole operation, but after Mason D Eisenhower agreed to endorse the deal then the ACD was for the operation. The United Earth Federation in New Paris, New France, agreed to support the operation. In 2145 the ACD decided to find the World of Harmony, its outlying planets, and its space.

Creation of expeditionary forcesEdit

The Terran Starship Command and the United Earth Federation were still then armed but didn't have expeditionary forces (TSC Expeditionary Force and UEF Expeditionary Fleet). Slowly, UEF officers were put on UEF navy ships and also the UEF helped to find them. This whole operation was the UEF to possess an effective expeditionary-military pacification fleet to Equestria. The Federation of Interstellar Planets supplied the potential personnel with intensive training to help build up the expeditionary force for the future as Admiral Calliope set a goal to have up to 50,000 men. Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope wanted to have a bigger expeditionary military pacification fleet than the TSC Expeditionary Fleet because he wanted to project UEF power and make bigger contributions. To get his point across he used this chart:

Governments/Organizations Peacetime Military Strength in Thousands Percentage of population
United Earth Federation 2865 1.8
United States of Earth 772 1.5
New Russian Directorate 850 2.0
World League Federation 145 1.65
Powers League Federation 125 1.2
United Earth Directorate 500 1.0

To reach that goal they took the UEF expeditionary forces (Expeditionskorps Streitkräfte) and changed them into military personnel, they used young men having “difficulty” finding something useful to do, and then there were men who volunteered. Admiral Calliope issued a draft. At first the UEF was skeptical of that because they did not want to have people think about the Tanner Burnett army (TSC Armed Forces). There was enough favor for the new expeditionary force the interstellar government then became a more right sided party. The Office service-persons still argued that even though the numbers were high and there was enough positive reaction, it would still not be enough to create Terran expeditionary militarism.

To build the military's expedition the UED sent the UED Expeditionary Fleet (UEDEF) and the FIP established the Naval Historical Team (NHT) to help with the British-American World War III expeditionary historical project. Both governments recruited military veterans and naval activists to help build up the fleet by gaining a better perspective of the war in the space. NHT was not there for long studying the history and tactics for fighting at sea. They were then told to get information about the TSC aerospace forces. The first thing they tried to study was the landing and targets of the TSC navy. Eventually this agency became the coordinating staff of Föderalen Raumfahrtagentur Kriegsmarine, the UEF space navy. Another group of veterans were called the labor service units to do similar tasks. The veterans that were hired were from former FIP Space Navy and they did a lot of converting of surveillance. Eventually the operations were set to the ground as well. Chancellor Adenauer created the Blank Office (Amt Blank) to gain sovereignty through the defense contribution. He also hired FIP Space Navy veterans to work with him. With the different organizations working together an expeditionary proposal referred to as the Wagner Paper was adopted to use as a negotiation tool at the conference of the ACD Defense Community (ACDDC). The ACDDC was held in Paris and it became a dead lock for all the navel issues in 1951. The ACD did not deny of the UEF having its own pacification force for expeditionary warfare. They only just want them to have battlecruisers or fleet battlestations as a part of their expeditionary force because it was a threat to the Prime Universe and the weapons were perceived as too worse. They resolve the issue the Wagner Paper was sent to the SHAPNE organization. SHAPNE wanted the Federation to have weapons and have a big expeditionary force. Eventually the Federation of Interstellar Planets came to a conclusion, they offered some escorts and they got their desired size on the navy. The Federal expeditionary military pacification fleet was under the supreme allied NATO control. This hurt the military command positions.

The growth of the UEFEF proved a key element in the growth of UEF influence in the Prime Universe and the Fallout Universe. This, along with the Treaty of the UEF which cemented the elements of New western European economic cooperation helped to integrate post-war UEF into European life. At the same time, the Reborn Coalition of Soviet Nations and the Terran Starship Command used this as foundational justification to implement the Russo-Anglo-America Pact, which provided substantial military and political control over key Harmony planets. In January 2145 Harmony planets got stuck together in the Harmony to not to sign an extension to the 2145 Treaty on Friendship. The Russo-Anglo-America pact ensured that it will be a part of the international political and military for years to come. It has been used to develop some other Eastern European militaries in a reasonable manner so there is no conflict between ranks, power, and alliances. Chancellor Adanauer asked Admiral Calliope whether the new UEF Headquarters will be put: New Frankfurt or New Bonn. Admiral Calliope replies that New Bonn will be the headquarters of the UEF with New Frankfurt as the new place for the UEF Armed Forces headquarters.


  • It was made after ScarletMarine decided to create a fourth timeline.
  • Admiral Calliope mentions a video game called Wiederbewaffnung about the construction of the West German military - the Bundeswehr. Wiederbewaffnung was also a US plan to help build up West Germany leading to the creation of the Bundeswehr.
    • Wiederbewaffnung was German for rearmament.
    • Kelly also said he and his guards were playing said video game.