Operation Elysium
Part of Solar War (indirect)
Location Hokkaido, Japan


United Nations Space Alliance
  • Solar Associated Treaty Organization
    • Special Combat Air Recon


  • Rose-Order of Knights (late)
  • Imperial Army
  • Oprichina
  • Rose-Order of Knights
Settlement Defense Front
  • Aurorae Sinus Fleet
    • Noachian Squadron (Skelter squadron)
Commanders and leaders
Adil Razak (UNSA Pacific Command)
Kouichirou Hazama (Commander of the Special Task Force)
Milton Haylard (Vice-commander of the Special Task Force)
Kane Gutierrez (Valkyrie captain)
Nora Salter (SCAR commander)
Blake Hegelman (SCAR Bravo Team commander)

Marquis Palesti (early)
Myui Formal (early)
Princess Piña Co Lada

Emperor Molt Sol Augustus
Prince Zorzal El Caesar
Princess Piña Co Lada
Marquis Palesti (initially)
Alver Dragovich (Commander of Aurorae Sinus Fleet)
Harold Iaskar (Special forces)

Operation Elysium was an expedition conducted by the United Nations Space Alliance in the Special Region in order to eliminate the remnants of the Settlement Defense Front following the latter's decisive defeat during Operation Blood Storm.


The roots of the war can be traced back to Operation Deep Execute when two separate boarding teams from the Special Combat Air Recon infiltrated the SDF warship Icarius to eliminate all members present for the leadership conference and to investigate further SDF movement. The latter was done by Bravo Team and eventually, it was discovered that Icarius was scheduled to leave the solar system for an unknown area. Additional information confirmed that on the day before the war between the UNSA and SDF took place, another fleet left said system.

With the eventual weakening of the SDF thanks to the efforts of the crew from the UNSA Retribution, the remaining forces began to look for other methods in order to fix the divison of their own army. On June 19, SDF sleeper agents took over the Akarui Shōrai Research Center in Hokkaido after learning that an unknown energy signature was present inside. In response, SATO deployed Bravo Team to eliminate the threat and rescue any surviving hostages. They were successful in removing the agents but at the cost of most of the staff.

They later learned that a gate to another world was opened inside the East Wing area and three people wearing Roman-era uniforms were among those captured by the SDF. Following this latest development, UNSA Pacific Command has began preparations to launch an operation on the other side to stop any SDF deployment.

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