Operation D.C Purge
Operation D.C. Purge
Date: September 7th, 2012 - September 16th, 2012

Late In Battle

  • Pennsylvania (Early Phase of Operation)
  • Pennsylvania/Maryland Boarder (Mid Phase of Operation)
  • Maryland (Final Phase of Operation)
Conflict: United Nazi War
Status: United Nation Victory...
  • Relations between Russia, U.S.A and England Streangthen...
  • Nazi Germany retreats back to New Harlem...
  • Nazi Germany Switches Strategies, to Defense...
  • Washington D.C. In Ruins...
Operation: D.C Purge


Operation D.C Purge also known as The D.C Purge Was a Nazi Offensive against the United States capital of Washington D.C, in hopes of seizing the United States military from interfering with there search for Kate Bush. It was also known to be an revenge operation for the United States interfering with Kate Bush escaping a second time during The Battle of Premium, 13 days back.

Operation D.C Purge would be the last Nazi Operation outside New England.

Discovery of New Nijmegan Bridge Edit

Main article: New Nijmegen Bridge

Invasion of PennsylvaniaEdit

Invasion Of Knox TownEdit

Main article: Fall of Knox Town

Fall of New HarlemEdit

Battle of the BoarderEdit

Main article: Battle of The Pennsylvania/Maryland Boarder

Invasion of Maryland Edit

The Rojas GapEdit

Main article: Battle Of Rojas Pass

Morus TownEdit

Operation NirmanEdit

Main article: Operation Nirman

Invasion of Washington D.C Edit

Main article: Nazi Invasion Of Washington D.C

Battle Of the SuburbsEdit

The Downtown AreaEdit

Battle Of the Grand MallEdit

Main article: Battle of The Grand Mall

Defense Of the Capital BuildingsEdit

Reinforcements ArriveEdit

Battle of Roland SquareEdit

Main article: Battle Of Roland Square

German WithdrawEdit

Liberation of New HarlemEdit

Main article: Second Battle of New Harlem



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