Operation: Shadows of Darkness, nickname OSoD, or SOD, was an operation to build residences, military installations, defenses and other buildings, it took place in Equestria, right under it. its objectives is to create buildings, residences, anything, especially the Reichstag.

The oepration begun when earthw as destroyed and arrived just north of Ponyville, the U.E.D. and its allies saw the zerg attacked by Mengsk's forces, but the U.E.D. destroyes all the Dominion, destroyed or conscripted in his military. The Zerg were told by Grant to allied the U.E.D., the zerg agrees and have there own forces, along with the hybrids and protoss. Four hours later, the U.E.D. Flagship/D.S.S. Aleksander, under the command of Grand Admiral grant Magno Faytone, by the nickname of Admiral DuGalle, encountered by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, they want the U.E.D. and Grant's military expeditionary force/military expedition to return to earth. The admiral says he disagrees and begins to tell his men consisted of 7 Valkyrie-type frigates and 7 Juggernaut-type Rikov troops. The Aleksander and its allies builds structures, right under Ponyville. The U.E.D. and its allies builds a new reichstag, but it's a special one, consisted of multiple defenses.

The objectives is:

  1. Build enough residences.
  2. Build enough military installations.
  3. Build enough top defenses.
  4. Build enough bottom defenses.
  5. Build 3 barracks.
  6. Build 2 war factories.
  7. Build 10 infantries.
  8. Build a command center with Orbital Command or Planetary Fortress.

The special objectives are:

  1. Build a UED/US Recon Base on a nearby mountain, especially everywhere. Note: Building a recon base in the mountains also found Canterlot's castle.
  2. Build a UED/US Naval Base on a nearby island.
  3. Build a UED/US Supply base near Ponyville.
  4. Build a UED/US Air Force Base in the mountains. Note: It can be hiding from everything inside the mountains.

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