Operation Night Soris
Date: April 13th, 2173
Region: Rivera, Paris France

Horace Rivera

Conflict: The Rivera Federation War
Status: Victory
  • Location of FS7 Home Planet Rivera Discovered...
  • Plans on the FS7 Invasion of Equestria Discovered...
  • Soris Tower makes It's First Appearance...

Night Soris

Operation Night Soris Was a mission conducted by Rivera solo in an attempt to discover where the R.F.F.S.7 Originated from. He would soon discover that he would be about 90,000,000Light Years away from both the Harmony Universe, and the Milky Way Galaxy. It was from here on that lead towards Operation Horace. It was later discovered that the Building that Rivera was in was known to be Soris Tower, the R.F.F.S.7's major Base of Operations on Rivera.

Rivera's Daring Plan Edit

Rivera's Night MissionEdit

The Soris Tower is Mentioned after the Battle of MFE, and FS7 android gave it's position a way, while on a fight in Equestria. Rivera heard and stowed away on the RHM Brail that was scheduled to depart from FS7 occupied Canterlot, and enter through warp space back to Planet Rivera.

Operation Night SorisEdit

On April 13th, 2173, Rivera entered The Building to Gain access To the files of The R.F.F.S.7.'s Files. It was a dark and stormy night, Rivera used one of the Stryker's that were heading into the main Parking lot as a way in. The Tower was well guarded, for unknown reasons. After knocking out several FS7 forces, Rivera made his way into the Lobby. Where he managed to take out another amount of guards in the Vicinity. He attempted to use the Elevators to get to the top floors, after following the buildings schematics which was displayed by Hollow shot by one of the FS7 Guards, revealing the location of the Data that he is trying to Retrieve. He soon discovers that the FS7 deactivate the Elevators, at night, and must now try and locate the controls to reactivate them. He found the security room, in just seconds revealing it to be behind a large thick laser proof Glass, and activated the Elevators, as well as shutting off the Offices Laser Trip wires which would cause a problem in future references.

After reaching the office level, the Spying Millennium Kauji, made his way through much of the computers, downloading what ever he can, as well as hopping that a human thumb drive would work on Riverian computers. After moving around the towers Offices, Rivera Than by passes a security lock and enters the Atrium, where he discovers another security room in the area. Hopping to contact Equestria, Rivera enters the second half of the offices on the other side of the Atrium, and makes his way towards the Security room while avoiding Auto MG.42's on the ceilings, fixed with laser sightings as a point of vision. Rivera entered the control room, and attended to try and contact Equestria, only to receive no luck. He than discovered that he was 90,000,000 Light Years from both the Universe of Harmony and Earth themselves, realizing the Situation on why he couldn't get a hold of any one. He had no Idea, that Plane Rivera would be that far out and considered them to be cowards.

Afterwards he than enters an Exterior Door and winds up on the balconning. While slowly making his way to the other side, he nearly avoids a patrolling Raider Dropship, moving around the tower. After a narrow escape, Rivera, than climbs on to the Exterior Elevators in hopes to gain access to the upper floors. Just the sight of Rivera surface down below frightened him as well. After reaching the doors, a vent was right above it, allowing Rivera to enter and arrive inside the War Sector. Rivera conducted another search throughtout the area, and managed to enter one of the briefing rooms, just to the right of the closet where he just entered from the vent on the ceiling, and got out of. Rivera sent in a small picture of the Main monitor of the briefing room, despite it being pitched black with only the Monitor, and a couple of light structures on the walls, providing light. As soon as he snapped his evidence he exited the Briefing room, and entered out into the dome just outside, where he later discovered, several FS7 Guns on display, inside well constructed glass. He enters another room and by passes another lock allowing him entry, into Highland's Office, revealing about 6 Windows to the Left, Center, and To the right of the rim of the Tower. He than saw a modle of the Tower, and decided to snap a picture of it as well. After which Rivera hacked Highland's main computer, and hoped to find out what the FS7 planned on doing to Equestria. It was from here that he discovered that the FS7 Had Invaded Earth first in 2164, and that Equestria was only being targeted because of the race being Ponies.

The System was locked which prevented Rivera, from downloading the data, which caused him to right it down. The sound of a Raider caught his attention causing him to hide behind the desk as the Drop ship's High beams scanned the offices, Rivera diverted his Movements, than the Raider disappeared out of sight from behind the wall. Realizing that he is outta of time, Rivera. Leaves the Executive, floor but is finally spotted by another dropship. The building is locked down, causing Rivera to move up wards toward the roof. Rivera destroys a couple of FS7 forces in the area before Hijacking a Raider Dropship, and escaping the Tower. Rivera than activated the Portal and ended up Back in front of the World of Harmony. After wards the Tower was locked down tightly with more guards inside, rather than outside.

Aftermath Edit

Celestia's Reaction to the OperationEdit

Luna's reaction to the OperationEdit

Trivia Edit

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