Operation: Luna 1


January 18th, 2173


FS7 Controlled Space, Above Equestria


RHM Punk Star


  • Celestia Empire...
  • Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7...


Celestia Imperial Victory...


  • Destruction of the FS7 Star Arora Cruiser The Tigress, and the Carrier Punk Star...
  • Strategically insignificant due to the arrival of the Continental's and Dictator Horace Highland Rivera's Fleet, Stars Of Sorrow...


Outer Space, Over Equestria...

Celestia's Plan To Avenge the Deaths Of The Lunar Empire Edit

FS7 Attack On Apple Acres Edit

At the start of the operation, the launch facility, that was built 2 Years ago In Apple Acers was under heavy attack by FS7 forces deployed from orbit. Large numbers of "Helloria"-class Star fighters and Raider-class dropships were swarming the airspace around the Farm lands. Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Spike fought their way through the FS7 forces on the beach, linked up with Army units inside the facility and secured the area temporarily. Spike and Fluttershy boarded what appeared to be the first Equestiran Star Fighter in their History, An Pegasus 3"-class fighter, and launched into space with the other four Pegasus fighters.[1]

War In Space Edit

All five Pegasus rendezvoused with the Princess Luna On the Lunar Imperaial Ship the LI. DC at Earth Federation, orbital station Moon II. After docking, the DC's slipspace drive was removed and mounted on a Jade dropship for transport to the nearby FS7 Star Arora Cruiser, RHM Tigress. The Tigress, at the time, was on a refueling run to the Carrier Punk Star, providing The Ponies and Humans of Equestria an opportunity to commandeer the Android Cruiser and approach the FS7 mothership undetected.

While EVA teams transferred the drive, the Pegasus, Fighters and Horses alike, were called to defend Moon II and DC against the waves of Helloria's and Gora starfighters. At the start of the engagement, Moon II's Point-Defense Guns were offline, and bringing the defenses online required several minutes. Worse, multiple Raider"-class dropships attempted to board the station. These attempts, however, were prevented by the Pegasus.

Enter FS7 Occupied OrbitEdit

With the space around Moon II clear of FS7 Attacking forces, Fluttershy separated from Spike's Pegasus 3 and boarded the Jade to secure the Solarance Eva "bomb". The Princess Luna jammed the Tigress's communications and disabled its engines, while the Pegasus escorted the Jade to the Cruiser and neutralized the enemy's defensive starfighters. DC, still combat-effective without its slipspace drive, provided support fire to divert the cruiser's attention from the Jade.

Once cleared of high-level resistance, Spike and a squad of infantry troopers boarded the cruiser and secured the docking bay, allowing the Jade to land. With Fluttershy defending the Jade, Spike and the Army soldiers fought their way to the Tigress's bridge. While fighting through the enemy ship, the DC, finally succumbed to the Tigress's plasma barrage and was destroyed with all hands, except for Luna who managed to escape by Pod into he Tigress. After successfully taking over the bridge, Spike manually locked the ship's course to the Carrier, preventing any potential course corrections. After heading back to the docking bay, the surviving FS7 crew assaulted the The Lunar forces, attempting to retake the docking bay and destroy the package. The One Baby Dragon, and the Pegasus killed the attacking FS7, but not before the Jade took heavy damage.

After the short engagement, Fluttershy discovered several problems. Damage done to the Tigress by DC had blocked the path back to the Pegasus and, as such, the only way off the ship was a space jump. In addition, the timer on the Celestia's Solarance bomb was disabled by Laser fire, requiring a manual detonation when the ship reached the Carrier. Fluttershy volunteered to activate the bomb manually and forced Spike, And Luna off the RHM Tigress. As the Tigress came in range of the Punk Star, the bomb detonated and created a An Enormous Explosion Of Dark Purple energy The rupture vaporized both the Tigress and the mid-section of the Punk Star.

Aftermath Edit

The success of Operation: Luna Star 1 was short lived. Only minutes after the Punk Star's Destruction, a portion of the enormous Fleet of Stars Of Sorrow above Equestria and launched a full-scale assault on the planet.

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