Operation: Arch Mage
Part of World War II
Date April 23, 1945 - August 29, 1945
Location European theatre of operations


Result Allied victory
  • Colonel Erzenschwann and Prince Zorzal eliminated
  • Schwarze Wespe eliminated
Allied Powers
  • United States of America
    • Office of Strategic Services (OSS)
  • United Kingdom
    • Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)
  • France
    • Service de Documentation Extérieure et de Contre-Espionnage
  • Netherlands
    • Bureau Bijzondere Opdrachten


  • Empire
    • Imperial Army
    • Rose-Order of Knights
  • Vassal kingdoms
    • Kingdom of Elbe
    • Kingdom of Alguna
    • Kingdom of Mudwan
    • League Principality
    • Other vassal states

Rory Mercury

Nazi Germany
  • Waffen S.S.
    • Schwarze Wespe

Separatist Imperial forces

  • Oprichnina
Commanders and leaders
Richard Balton (OSS and American officer)
Frederick Bakersfield (British officer)
Loius Dunois (French officer)
James Steven Patterson (Special forces team leader)
Boyd Travers (Second-in-command)
Piña Co Lada
Dietrich von Erzenschwann (German commander)
Zorzal El Caesar (Separatist Imperial commander)

Operation: Arch Mage is a classified military operation conducted by the Office of Strategic Services and later on, the Allied Powers during World War II.

Unlike the other operations of the war (including the conflicts before it), it mainly takes place in another world, specifically in the Special Region where it features a fantasy setting mixed with the medeval periods of Europe. It also features countries that are similar to the ones in said period.


During the push into the Bavarian state, a undisclosed number of OSS agents raided a facility 10 miles northeast of Regensburg. In the middle of the fighting, they found a structure within the base that has two columns and is covered with highly-reinforced concrete. After a scouting party was sent to the other side, they found a green landscape surrounded by mountains. The discovery was then sent to the OSS, thereby devising a plan to send units there and to hunt down any Germans present.


First ActionsEdit

Despite some delays which includes the destruction of one of the bridges in the city on April 23, the Allied forces managed to bypass the city thanks to a few Allied units who managed to get to the other side of the Danube elsewhere. They rushed to the site and at the same time, a few Allied aircraft landed on the base. On April 22, OSS officers handpicked a few men, some of which belonging to the agency for some time: James Steven Patterson, an experienced agent and pilot, Boyd Travers, a paratrooper of the 82nd and 17th Airborne Divisions, Gallahand Cross, another paratrooper of the 82nd, and Harvey Erston, a sniper for said agency. Both men landed in Regensburg on April 25 and entered the tunnel to the other side, where a base was already established with the necessary amount of equipment and manpower.

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