"One Human War Lord" is a U.E.A 2170's Era Propaganda war Music Animation written and created by Lord Hoggers. It was used as a tool in order to draw in more volunteers on Earth, and her colonies for people to take up arms against the FS7. The Song was a parody to the Canadian American Song "One Tin Solider".

Storyline Edit

"One Human War Lord" tells the abstract story of The FS7 War Crimes against Humans All Over Earth, and all her colonies. The Humans Of Earth have just been butchered by the FS7 Invaders In Millions of numbers from all over the Milky Way Galaxy Invasion of their once beautiful World that is now a fiery wasteland, The FS7 Later Invades Tokyo In 2179 and Wipes out the largest population of Humans starting from there than spreading all over the Galaxy with human death tolls now in the Billions, the humans now angry decide to attack FS7 constructed city on Earth New Gunghollow. After killing all the FS7 In New Gunghollow and destroying their entire city reducing it into a large smokin ruin, the victors move the stone and find only a simple message: "We can win against them, Take up arms and Destroy the FS7 Invader".

Lyrics Edit

Listen, children, to a story That was written 2 Years ago, ‘Bout an Invasion in 2164 And the Cruel Tides Of Murder After.

In the City of Chicago was a torment Buried with innocent blood wiped on the streets,

And the FS7 swore

They’d wipe out all Humans On World and Colonies.

Go ahead and hate face your fears,

Go ahead and destroy your enemies.

Do it in the name of Heaven,

You can justify it in the end.

There won’t be any trumpets blowing Come the judgment day,

On the bloody morning after….

One Human War Lord rides away.

So the FS7 Invader,

Entered Tokyo Japan on the day of Horror,

Taking the lives of Innocent people,

Spreading all over Earth and her colonies.

Came an answer from the Continental's,

“We will wipe out all Humans and Flesh In Existence Machines will once again populate this Galaxy, and all flesh will be drawn closer to Extinction.”

Now the Humans cried with anger,

“Avenge your family! Avenge your Lovers, Avenge Your Children,”

And they killed the FS7,

So they won their just reward.

Now they stood Inside the ruins of New Gunghollow,

In the debris, dark and red.

Turned the stone and looked beneath it…

“We can win against them, Take up arms and Destroy the FS7 Invader” was all it said.

Effects On Equestria

Princess Celestia's Reaction To One Human War LordEdit

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