New Soviet Union Expeditionary Flee
Request nsu expeditionary fleet flag by generalhelghast-d5h9xlc
Allegiance Template:FlagNSU New Soviet Union
Type Russian Federation military expeditionary force
Role Russian Federation military expeditionary force
Colors Red, yellow, and black
Engagements Martian Invasion of Earth

First Martian Invasion of the New Earth
Second Martian Invasion of the New Earth

Disbanded October 14, 2165 (Later reorganized by Admiral Yuri Valyenov)
Admiral Yuri Valyenov
The New Soviet Union Expeditionary Fleet was a Russian Federation space military pacification force led by Fleet Admiral Yuri Valyenov. They were disbanded after their command center has been destroyed but are reorganized as the United States Military Expeditionary Fleet's equivalent and ally, and as an expeditionary military pacification force by Fleet Admiral Yuri Valyenov.


It was build in the year 2145 under the rules of the United League Federation. Its command center was destroyed during a plane accident. The NSUEF was disbanded but now reorganized by a Russian admiral named Yuri Valyenov. This caused the NSUEF to become the USMEF's ally and equivalent.

Military FilesEdit

GAZ vehiclesEdit

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