The United States Of Europe/New Europe
Map Showing the European Occupied East Coast during the Third World War In Late 2024... And the States still under U.S. Control to the west...


August 4th, 2024


December 24th, 2026


United States East Coast


Artemis Empire


Strike Down


  • Continentals...
  • Hallwoiea Williams...
  • Gunghollow Willams...


  • The United State's East Coast Is Reoccupied by the Japanese, U.S, and Russian Military...


  • New Europe: (Europe)
  • United States Of Europe: (Japan)
  • Euro Pit: (Russia)
  • Hells Coast: (United States)



New Europe Was The Occupied Coast Of The United States that was Occupied By Europe After The Fall Of Washington DC. However Despite the Occupation, some people did not seem to get the Message when A Series of attacks have occurred all over the Occupied East, Northern, and Southern Coast Lines Beginning at Washington DC, by a Militia Group known as the ZLAL (Zero Legion American Liberators) Or The ZLAY In other Terms Of Names. New Europe Crumbled after The Russians Have Invaded The Town Of Springfield, As an alley to the United States.

Artemis Empire Occupy East USA Edit

Push Back From The Bronxs Edit

Second Battle Of 3 Mile Island Edit

First Wave On Washington D.C RepelledEdit

Second Wave On Washington DC Edit


The A.E. is "helping" the American workers "experience the most life" they can afford in the way of European industries and military recruitment. The A.E. also "will help to restore" the American economy and "experience the joys" of the Continental's Recovery plan. This is unlikely due to the European's iron-fist control on the the occupied North, East, and Southern coastlines of the United States. The A.E. set up numerous mines and agricultural facilities to rob the resource rich New Europe. Other old industrial facilities such as oil refineries were restored for the benefit of the Artemis Empire. It is unknown what the Gross Domestic Product of the occupied territory is.

Curfews and Laws Edit

New Europe operates on the Civil Legal System used throughout the Europe. Besides, "defending" the rights of the Continentals and Europe, they "execute criminals" who try to resist the occupation. This is only a propaganda tool of the Artemis Empire as they use violence and force to control the people until the American forces attacked them. Any American can be imprisoned indefinitely without trial upon the order of a A.E. officer with the rank of Captain or higher.

Military Edit

New Europe is defended by the Artemis Empire as the rest of the European military forces scattered throughout the foreign country. Their military installations are a collection of former US Bases, Airports, Industrial Sites, Sports Arenas, Big Box Stores, College Campuses, ect. Collaborators often aid the efforts of the Artemis Empire. It is likely that once enough American Collaborators were organized, the Artemis Empire would withdraw from the United States and back to Europe. Once the battle of the Coastal town of Ingra Virgina was emerged the Americans scored a victory forcing, New Europe to defend themselves with little aid form Europe since the United States armed forces had began their attack on the European forces in The United States, with allied aid from both Russia, and Japan, to the North.

European Military JournalEdit

America June 4th 2025

During the given time In the early stages of the war I had to face most of the War In Eastern Europe, until I was ordered to move on the United States by joining the 21 Continental's and the Continents of Hallwoiea, and Gunghollow as well. After a successful Surprise Invasion We occupied the entire East Coast, and renamed it New Europe. Unfortunately a small group of Yank Soldiers, the Z.L.A.Y. Are operating deep behind our lines gathering in tell and creating more problems for our forces such as destroying fuel supplies ammo storage's and factory's.

The real question is why the Americans did not try to reclaim their native soil? what can they be up too? And The Russians have been of fly quiet ever since the invasion and have rarely sent forces into Eastern Europe. We must know what is going on here, for our Soul Continent, we must go fourth and seize glory.

24th Panzer Divisions Journal...

83rd89 Platoon Journal...

589 Legion Journal...

The Z.L.A.L. / Z.L.A.Y. Edit

The Zero Legion American Liberators, Z.L.A.L. Or Z.L.A.Y. (April 3rd, 2024 - November 3rd, 2026) Is A Group Of American Citizens Who are opposed to the European Occupation Of the Coastlines. They were The most Unique Skilled Citizen Militia In New Europe, that The Europeans Began to Lose so Many Supplies Due to these Resistance Fighters. The Z.L.A.L. Was a reincarnation Of the A.R Party Of 1974, after The South East Invasion Of Washington State On December 24th, 1969.

New Europe Disintegrates back into East USA Edit

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