Islands Nation of New Equestria
New Equestria
250px-UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo1.svg.png
Government Combined government types
 •  Socialist leaders Admiral Chris Archangel
Princess Rosebud Armor
 •  Second-in-Command Vice Admiral Alexmane Stukov
Legislature Assembly of New Equestria
New Equestria, officially known as the Islands Nation of New Equestria, was a military directorate led by Admiral Chris Archangel and Princess Rosebud Armor - both who are alicorns.


Main article: Directorate Military of New Equestria

The Directorate Military of New Equestria was formed by the three alicorns - Alexmane Stukov led the directorate military. The army was composed of large numbers of Saylum ponies that survived the purge of Saylum. The Air Force was consisted of Saylum pegasi. The navy was consisted of all ponies - some are also seaponies - the navy also has the naval marines and naval aviation. The Marine Corps was consisted of some unicorns.

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