The New England Sea Wall or The Aqua Line, consists of Strong Costal defenses, composing of large Bunkers, defense towers, Stationary Artillery, Rail Gun Emplacements, and Under Water Mines up to the hundreds stretching from South Jersey's shore line all the way to Main's Shore Line. The distance of the mines from the beaches of New England were known to be about 12 miles off the shore line in which prevented any vessel from arriving into the Occupied nation. The only available gap in the mine field was between Long Island, and New Jersey, in which Nazi Vessels carrying supplies would take this route, while Submarines would swerve around the Mine fields off the coast of Maryland.

Each part of the Wall contains an entry way into the Beaches outside New England, in each state that are deeply defended by Guard Towers, Fences with Barb Wire and a large force of German Coastal Guards. Citizens who lived towards the sea, were not permitted to go beyond the Sea Wall, towards the beaches. Many of those who were caught on the beach (Who either snuck out beyond the walls, or fought his or her way out) were shot on the spot by either the Coastal Bunkers or MG.42 Nests on the hills overlooking the shore line.

Like the Inertia Line, the Aqua Lines also consist of Strong Thick Concrete Walls, that Join the Inertia's Inland Walls upon the line's ending at the coastline. The Walls are connected on the beaches of New England, and run from Southern New Jersey, all the way up to Main, entombing all of New England into a Fortress. However the Walls on the Shore line were known to be 32 inches lower than those of the Inland walls.

The Mountains and Hills on the Coastlines of New Engalnd provide a strong point for Nazi Artillery, and Rail Gun Encampments, in which were used during the Events of the Battle of Manhattan in 2014.

After Manhattan's Liberation the Sea Walls were breached allowing the United States Military to once again establish New York City once again, and use it as a staging area in the Liberation of New England, which would soon last until the early fall of 2014, finally bringing down Fortress New England.

By the end of the United Nazi War in 2015, the Walls surrounding New England, were dismantled, leaving only 4-5 Nazi Bunkers watching over the Coastline. The reason on why the Government left these Bunkers standing on their Eastern Sea Board remains entirely unknown.

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