The Nazi Strike 7 War Also known as Operation Dark Secret, was a One Year Conflict between the FS7 , and Nazi Germany for control of the Harmony Universe in the 21st Century. 2091riveraisrael was known to send the FS7 to the 21st Century even though in his story line they were known to not exist in that Era, The FS7's time limit marked after their victory at Leers 6, where they incinerated back into the future, allowing the UEF Expeditionary fleet to take over, who at the time had no idea that the FS7 were around The War Ended on February 29th At Boralis Braxis where the Nazi War Machine was crushed once and for all, sending the SS back in the teleported into Reality New England, where their once advance ships, guns and vehicles returned back to their state of the art Second World War Equipment.

Prelude Edit

Main article: Battle Of Leina 4

Fall Of Kor Edit

Main article: Battle Of Kor

FS7 Invasion Of New Sanctuary Edit

Main article: Occupation Of New Sanctuary

Hora Campaign Edit

Nazi Attack On Rivera Edit

Main article: Battle Of The Rivera Ring

Fall Of Leers 6 Edit

Main article: Invasion Of Leers 6

End Mark, FS7 IncinerationEdit

After Leers 6, 2091riveraisrael, erased, the FS7 from the 21st Century and replaced the evil Continental's with their good sides, in which caused the FS7 to be Incinerated back to the future in the 22nd Century where they continued to wreak havoc on the Fleshliness of the Universe.

21st Century UEF Take Over Edit

Final Months Edit

Liberation Of Leina 4Edit

Main article: Freeing Leina 4

The Defense Of BraxisEdit

Main article: Operation Dark Secret

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

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