North Antlertic Treaty Organization 1st Military Expeditionary Force
Type Joint Coalition-Imperium Expeditionary Forces
Size Multiple combat elements
Garrison/HQ DSS Daladay
Motto "Combined As One We Fight!"
Leader-in-Chief Template:FlagCE Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon
Notable members Template:FlagCE Ushanka Mosin Starkovsky

740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Ditzy Doo
Template:FlagImperium Storm Hammer

The North Antlertic Treaty Organization 1st Military Expeditionary Force is an expeditionary composed of several Imperial Guard regiments and Harmony military elements. It was led by Captain Borealis.

List of several military elementsEdit

Harmony ForcesEdit

  • Amareican Armed Forces
    • Amareican Army
      • 108th Airborne Division
      • 102nd Airborne Division
      • 81st Airborne Division
      • 1st Airborne Division
      • 2nd Armored Division
      • 8th Armored Division
      • 9th Mounted Division
      • 2nd Cavalry Division
    • Amareican Air Force
      • 1st Air Expeditionary Wing
      • 2nd Air Expeditionary Wing
      • 3rd Air Expeditionary Wing
    • Amareican Marine Corps
      • 4th Marine Expeditionary Force
        • 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade
        • 4th Marine Expeditionary Unit
        • 4th Marine Division
    • Amareican Navy
      • Twelfth Fleet
      • Thirteenth Fleet
      • Fourteenth Fleet
      • Fifteenth Fleet
      • Amareican Navy SEAL
        • SEAL Team 7
        • SEAL Team 8
        • SEAL Team 9
  • Germane Armed Forces
    • Germane Army
      • 2nd Panzergrenadier Division
      • 1st Panzer Division
      • 1st Volksgrenadier Division

Imperial Armed ForcesEdit

  • Imperial Guard Regiments
    • Cadian Shock Troops
      • 1st Cadian Mechanized
      • 2nd Cadian Armored
      • 3rd Cadian Infantry
      • 4th Cadian Shock Troops
      • 5th Cadian Shock Troops
    • Armageddon Steel Legion
      • Armageddon 1st Steel Legion
      • Armageddon 2nd Steel Legion
      • Armageddon 3rd Steel Legion
    • Death Korps of Krieg
      • 1st Death Korps Infantry Regiment
      • 2nd Death Korps Infantry Regiment
      • 3rd Death Korps Infantry Regiment
      • 5th Death Korps Siege Regiment
      • 1st Death Korps Mechanized Regiment
      • 3rd Death Korps Armored Regiment
      • 4th Death Korps Armored Regiment
    • Elysian Drop Troops
      • 2nd Elysian Drop Troops Regiment
      • 3rd Elysian Drop Troops Regiment
      • 4th Elysian Drop Troops Regiment
      • 5th Elysian Drop Troops Regiment
  • Space Marines
    • Blood Ravens
    • Ultramarines
  • Adepta Sororitas
    • Order of the Scarlet Rose
    • Order of Our Martyred Lady
    • Order of the Sacred Rose

List of PersonnelEdit

  • Expedition Captain Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon (callsign Valkyrie)
  • Expedition Lieutenant Ushanka Mosin Starkovsky (callsign Vulture)
  • Expedition Armored Corps General Bradley
  • Expedition Air Force General Griffon
  • Expedition Special Forces General Thorn
  • Expedition Lieutenant Bella
  • Lord General Storm Hammer
  • Colonel Jumper Bread (calsign Braaaaad)
  • Colonel Garrison
  • Colonel Liberty Maregan (callsign Crown Actual)
  • Commander Dimanetri Mosin Chubakov (callsign Mosin Actual)
  • Tank Commander Broadsword
  • Captain Star Shermane (callsign Savior Actual)
  • Captain Quinton Colt (callsign Misfit 2-4)
  • Captain Vladimare Kamareivsky
  • Air Captain Warhorse (callsign Warhose 5-1)
  • Lieutenant Valery Manekarov
  • Lieutenant Jenneighfer Hawkins
  • Staff Sergeant Scarlet Manes Twilight Rangers
  • Staff Sergeant Henry Blackhay
  • Sergeant Dimanetri Haykov Manetrenko
  • Sergeant Joneighthan Miller
  • Sergeant Steve Camper
  • Sergeant Fusilier Feign (callsign Hunter 2-1 Actual)
  • Sergeant Jupiter Manewell
  • Sergeant Dimanetri Mareyakovsky
  • Sergeant Charles LeManeke
  • Wingpony Sergeant Mars
  • Wingpony Sergeant Warhammer (callsign Warhammer)
  • Wingpony Sergeant Darkstar (callsign Darkstar)
  • Wingpony Sergeant Wildfire (not related to Wild Fire)
  • Corporal Manedrei Haykov Manetrenko
  • Corporal Kiril Manetrenko
  • Specialist Horn Storm
  • Private First Class Storm Front
  • Private First Class Inghay
  • Private First Class David Manetes
  • Private First Class Ditzy Doo
  • Private Christian Manekovic
  • Private Bashar al-Buhaybi
  • Private Prone Manecis
  • Private Lee ManeLay
  • Private Jack Coffin
  • Private Storm Dagger (callsign Dagger 2-1)
  • Private Stone Dagger (callsign Dagger 2-2)
  • Private Manes Dagger (callsign Dagger 2-3)
  • Airpony Bomb Cujo
  • Airpony Stone Cujo
  • Airpony Sharp Cujo
  • Airpony Storm Cujo
  • Stalker Platoon
  • Rhino Company
  • Warpig Company
  • Hunter Company
  • Savior Company
  • Grizzly Company
  • Wolverine Company
  • Viper Company

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