Moses Empire 1991-1993
Moses Imperial Logo
Established: 1991
Fragmentation: 1993
Founder: Jerry the Mouse
Era: Tom & Jerry War
Head Quarters:
  • Fragmentated on Neptune in 1993...
  • Jerry Arrested by Tom, Entire Empire dismantled by November 27th,...
Years Active: 1991 - 1993
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Moses was a Large and powerful Military faction that was designed, and developed by Jerry Mouse in 1991 on Planet Neptune, in retaliation of ending the Vietnam Conflict, which sadly to Jerry had ended 5 years ago in 1984 before he had a chance to complete the Empire.

Unable to bare his scarred film career from being taken away by War, Jerry Invades Earth and conquers North America with the Moses Empire creating a destructive War against the Nations of America and Canada. where for they manage to try and fortify the Nation in order to be used as a Capital continent for the Moses Empire. Unfortunately the goal on preventing all Wars for ever again occurring, was thwarted by the United Canadian Federation, in 1993, featuring the Orbital drop in New Jersey and the sudden destruction of Carson.

The Moses Empire was eventually overrun and forced to abandon North America and retreat back to Neptune, on May 24th of 1993.

Neptune was later discovered and Invaded by the UCF in September of 1993, bringing about an end to the Cat & Mouse Conflict, and leaving the entire Moses Empire to be dismantled. Jerry was arrested by Tom, and was sentenced to 20 years in Cartoon Prison for his actions.

The Existence of the Moses Empire brought about the beginning of Space Age technology as well as Introducing the art of Orbital Warfare.

History Edit


Astro 7 IncidentEdit

Tom & Jerry WarEdit

Occupation of North AmericaEdit

UCF Counter AttackEdit

Evacuation from EarthEdit

Fall of MosesEdit

Post WarEdit

Military Edit

Land PowerEdit

Walker Class Grunt

Walkers made up 98% most of the Infantry Grunts of Moses...

The main land Power of Moses, consists entirly of Robotic soldiers made up entirly as Mice, armed with Assualt Rifles, Carbines and Anti Tank vehicles. These robots despite being small and Medium sized compared to that much of an actual Human, are known to be state of the art and well designed for Warfare.

Most of the Infantry of the Moses Empire are made up entirly of Grunts known as Walkers, a brand of robotic Mice that were designed by Jerry, and were programmed to obey his every command, while at the same time being used to outwit Humans the same way as he had in the Pictures with Tom the cat.

Moses Crawler class Walker

Crawlers were most effective against Heavy Armored units in North America, such as M1 Abrams and M60 Patton Tanks of the early 1990's era.

Though heavily armed with state of the art Robots, and other land based Machines that could cause wide destruction and chaos, Moses was also designed with Large 2 legged Walkers that Jerry designed from his mind, and created these walking disasters in order to house and destroy Tanks, this was known entirly as the Crawler. Unlike the rest of the Moses Empire, Moses never really obtained Battle Tanks, and Jerry Instead of creating a Tank on Neptune in the mid 1980's decided to have the Crawlers build in their place instead.

Most of the Land forces of Moses, are all Robotic and build by hand and machine, stating that there were no Living Organisms at all in the Military ranks of the Moses Empire, not even in the Navy or Air Force factions either. It was eventually mentioned by Tom in the wars Conclusion following the Fall of the Moses Empire, and the dismantling of the entire Military organization in 1993, that Jerry Mouse was the only known Living organic species in the Moses Empire.

Naval PowerEdit

Moses's Imperial Navy is one of the world's most prestigious naval forces, third in prestige only to those of Rohar Federation, or Universal Generation. It boasts that its "invincible" Ark Fleet is untouchable and undestroyable for any possible reason from all points of attack: land, air, sea, and even elsewhere (like space). This certain naval force is one of the most highly skilled, highly equipped, and highly trained on the face of the world's seafaring militaries.

The Moses Imperial Navy was active during the war between Tom and Jerry, providing support inland and on the seas. The Ark Fleet was the center of a force meant to invade the Moon and thus end the war with a Moses victory. However, plans to invade were indefinitely stalled when the Ark Fleet was destroyed.

Submarines and Gunboats were part of the force guarding Jerry's vital defense line, the 'Mouse Line', on the Eastern side of the continent, but were destroyed by Tom's UCF forces or forced to withdrawal after their base was destroyed.

During the United Nation's siege of Neptune in 1993, Many sky battleships and destroyers attempted to destroy the advancing UCF forces, but were blown out of the sky during the siege.

Air PowerEdit

The Moses Imperial Air Force (acronym MIAF), is the airborne arm of Moses, of Jerry's Moses Imperial Military. They were responsible for much of North America's military dominance during the early stages of the Tom & Jerry War.

In 1995, some of the MIAF's remnants joined with the group called Hail Moses, only to be crushed by the intervention of Tom the Cat.

Equipment and Weaponry Edit

Trivia Edit

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