Monster Storm are large catastrophic disasters that cause a large paranomoly of Destruction and damage to the surface of Earth. The Storms have been recorded by man, as a Living haunting Disaster of mankind. It was hinted that the Storm was known to be alive, and possessed by a source known as the Cloud Soul, in which allows the Storm to wreak it's Havoc around the world.

It was also hinted by Continental Hunter Core Rivera, that the Storm was possibly Female due to him seeing 2 Female eyes appear in the Rain during the 1992 Disaster in New York City. It is possible that the Storm was Mother Nature, but it is highly unlikely for the Storm is mostly powered by Water, than by any thing else done by Earth.

History Edit

The 1992 DisasterEdit

Main article: 1992 Disaster

Recorded in HistoryEdit

Effects Edit





Aqua ArmsEdit

Trivia Edit

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