Military Administration in Marelumbia
Nowaja Equestrian Militärverwaltung in Marelumbia
Miltiary administration
Life span?
Capital Monument Island
Capital-in-exile Hand of the Prophet
Languages Equestrian


Religion Faith Harmonism
Government Novaya Equestrian imperial military administration
Military Commander/Administrator Colonel Dimanetri Enorov (promoted to Colonel General)
Deputy Military Commander/Administrator Lieutenant Banjo Coal (promoted to Lt. Colonel)
 -  Secession from the Union 1892 Enter start year
 - Marelumbia under Comstock 1892
 -  Fall of Marelumbia 1004/2014 Enter end year
Warning: Value not specified for "continent"
The Military Administration of Marelumbia (Germane: Nowaja Equestrian Militärverwaltung in Marelumbia) was an interim occupation authority established by Novaya Equestria that included present-day Marelumbia and the Celestina departments of Comstock House and the Hand of the Prophet. Colonel Dimanetri Enorov was named the Reichskommissar of the Reichskommissariat of Belgium and Northern France (Reichskommissariat Marelumbia or Reichskommissariat für die besetzten 'Gebiete von' Marelumbia).

Flag of equestria by desigos (small)
Military Administration in Marelumbia
Militärverwaltung in Marelumbia
Part of the Reichswehrmacht
Militärbefehlshaber: Dimanetri Enorov
Flag of equestria by desigos (small)
Part of the Sicherheitspolizei-Sicherheitsdienst
Independent of the Military Administration and directed from Novaya Canterlot.
Flag of equestria by desigos (small)
Military Administrative Staff
Militärverwaltungschef: Banjo Coal
Flag of equestria by desigos (small)
Command Staff
Committee of Secretaries-General
Representatives of the Marelumbian and Celestina civil administration
Flag of equestria by desigos (small)
Economic Department
Flag of equestria by desigos (small)
Flag of equestria by desigos (small)
Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo)
Part of the SS
Celestina civil service:
Burgomasters and local government;
Celestina police and state security
Flag of equestria by desigos (small)
Regional and district headquarters:
Oberfeld- or Feldkommandanten;
Template:FlagVoxPopuli Template:FlagMarelumbia
Marelumbian collaborationist groups
Principally the Vox Populi National Union (VNV) or Marelumbia;
Each with internal command structure.

Based on description in Template:Cite book

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