Melnoria Norsoutha
Melnoria Norsoutha 1
Born: December 31st, 2355
Gender: Female

United Earth Coalition

UEC Armed Forces
Parents: Unknown
Love Interest: Unclear

UEC Army General

Commander of UEC 3rd Army

Years Active: 2355-Present

Melnoria Norsoutha was a generally DNA constructed copy of the deceased Melnoria Lion Koakshi, who died in the finally weeks of the Universal Death Conflict in April of 2340, 5 years ago. Unlike her normal counterpart, Norsoutha, has a different change in personality, and lives a life on Earth, it is unclear if she had joined any military organizations, but it maybe certain that after history and learning of the Galactic War, she might take part in the destruction of Europe's 21 Continental's, whom unknown to her their are only 2 nations in Europe left in existence, that being Germany and Romania.

Bio Edit

See also: Melnoria Lion Koakshi


The UEC Council, after being requested by 21-year-old Admiral and Oberstgruppenfuhrer Borealis Norsoutha, has sent soldiers and agents to search for her corpse in Regents. Taking four days to search for her, they finally found her corpse and brought it back to Borealis Norsoutha's personal flagship, the UECS Atlas, which takes her corpse to Terra.

At a UEC science facility in the Hamburg Military Garrison, the general DNA construction copying (or cloning) took 12 days (the final day being December 30) to finish so Borealis' request will be fulfilled. At December 31, Melnoria awoke in the facility's med-bay. She was approached by Borealis Norsoutha, who told her to follow him. Arriving at his personal quarters, he gave her a UEC military uniform and peaked cap–an M45 close-collared Waffen-SS/Sicherheitsdienst officer uniform (without puffs on the pants) and peaked capbefore telling her to get used to Terra and its people and environment.

Service to the UECEdit

On New Year's Eve, Melnoria becomes used to Terra itself. In fact, she joined the UEC Military Academy under Borealis' supervision. During her study and education, she was surprised by the history of the UEC and its military, including its tactics and strategies, operational levels of war, grand strategy, organization, battlespace, weapons, and logistics. Not only she becomes a UEC military officer, but also she, holding the rank of General, was attached to the UEC Expeditionary Army's 1st Army Group's 3rd Army.

She proves her worth and skills as she - alongside Admiral and Oberstgruppenfuhrer Borealis Norsoutha - helped in invading and taking over Alpha Crateris III from the Roaches.



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