Masona was a town founded on the banks of the Arcadia River on the planet Harnam. The town was located in a mountain pass and on a road which branched out from a tunnel that it passed through.

A HAL military hangar, capable of holding a variety of vehicles, was also situated on the banks.

Natoru tower, a mysterious landmark, could be found nearby in the canyon.

The town was destroyed and occupied by The Universal Generation from a combination of both Land and air based threats during the Invasion of Harnam in 2209. Lieutenant Pearson of the Harnam Army of Liberation was in the area during the attack.

History Edit

During the Invasion of Harnam in the year 2209. Masona was known to be well hidden and off the grid of all Universal Generation data bases, and was known to be a well spot in order to use as a refugee camp for civilians attemptng to escape the Universal Generation's anti Organic Ways.

Masona was eventaully discovered by a single Hellroria, in which despite being shot down had already transmitted the towns coordinates towards Continenta's Devest and Netherlandic.

The Universal Generation attacked and destroyed Masona, which was serving as a refugee camp for Harnam civilians who have escaped out of R.F.F.S.7 Territory. Two Cypher-class urban landspeeders in the town became stuck behind a fallen tower.

At the time of the attack, Lieutenant Pearson of the Harnam Army of Liberation was traveling in an captured Universal Generation gunboat and leading a convoy of civilians he had rescued from the Universal Generation. The convoy became trapped near Masona when the bridge over the river was bombed.

Pearson and the convoy entered the security hangar to switch vehicles, as the Universal Generation arrived on land, and attempt to Destroy the hanger with the use of both Rudder-1 and Ca Battle Tanks, Pearson and the rest of the group managed to escape just as the Hanger was destroyed in the barrage of laser fire.

Pearson then rescued the two trapped speeders from behind the tower, and he escorted the convoy survivors to a hidden location in the nearby mountain pass, where they were once again able to Escape the Universal Generation.

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