Mantel Italy

Star Arora Class Cruiser In Mantel Italy In 1210...

Mantel Space Port is a large Space Port located In Italy About 35 miles south West of Rome.

The Space Port was known to be of Military occupation for both the Rivera Federation, and Rivera Rangerians before the Second World War, and the War of 1211, in which most of the Space Fleets land and take off mostly from Mantel.

The Space port covers a large total of about 800 Acres and consists entirly of large hangers, Launch sites Factories and Aerial Defense Turrets.

Mantel Italy is the only Military Space Port on the Earth continent of Europe, there are no others amont the other 20 Continental's.

History Edit


Mantel Space Port was constructed during Continental Dodger's creation in the centuries before Big Bang, and like all of Italy the Space port was pretty much grown like all the other cities, without any means of manuel construction. The Space port was raised with towers, Defenses, Strong Energetic gates, Hangers a large Runway, and about 32-40 different types of Launch pads marking Mantel to be the most largest Space Port in Europe.

The Railor WarsEdit

Before ChristEdit

War of 1211 and BeyondEdit

European Civil War & Third World WarEdit

The Galacitc WarEdit

Death WarEdit

Italy's CorruptionEdit

Trivia Edit

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