""Courage, Strength, Pride!""
— MARFOREQ 1st motto
""God Forgive Us All!""
— MARFOREQ 2nd motto
""Morituri te Salutant""
— MARFOREQ 3rd motto

{{country data {{{1}}} | army/core | variant = | size = | name = Marine Forces Equestria }} MARFOREQ, abbreviation of the Marine Forces, Equestria, was the primary faction during the Equestria crisis. Their name was the 7th BN., 5th M Brgd, Strike Team Three, and Raven Ghost Team. The nickname for this joint military forces was Starbeam Division, Starbeam Brigade, Starbeam Battalion, etc.

Escape from EarthEdit

The Earth Federations government were evacutating their families, friends, relatives, nephews, and children. Sherman's were dead due to the Enclave attack. The fleet finally escapes, transferring them to Korhal after. Several hours after the Earth Federation's first expedition, they are heading protecting the UEDEF from the zerg, supporting the Raynor's Raiders/Terran Dominion coalition forces, and finally, heading towards the Black Hole.

The two federationsEdit

The Earth Federation has two of them, the United Earth Fedetation (Directorate) and the Dominion Earth Federation (Dominion). The D.E.F. were heading towards the world of Symphonia (Grand President Paffendorf's target) while the UEF are heading towards the world of Harmony (Grand Admiral Calliope's target).

Arriving at EquestriaEdit

7th Bn., 5th M Brgd arrived just south of Zora's cottage via Hercules Dropships, when they wht north, they saw Zora being held by Zebrican Ultranationalists. Young Admiral orders to kill them without Zora killed. They have Zora liberated, but Ultranationalists heading this way, revealing to be Russian Ultranationalists and Loyalists who are part of the Invasion of Symphonia. The Ultranationalist trooper said that "the invasion of Symphonia was a success, he also said that we are heading towards here while the entire armed forces of the DEF attacks Symphonia, ravages all across the lands." Ostwind can't believe how did Paffendorf led such a decisive attack. They begin to move forward to Equestria, with a little help from a friend who's located West of Ultranationalist Zebrica, who was a soldier of the Zebrican Armed Forces. They appeared again reaching an Equestrian ship known as "Titanic", which was derived from the ship "Titanic", especially the 1997 film. The ship was heading towards an iceberg, just near Hoovegorod. The loyalists then begins to send British Commandos and the Marine Forces Equestria/Marine Forces Starbeam. The British Commandos of the Twenty-second Special Air Service, the Directorate Storm Ship Aleksander, Directorate Star Ship Ramstein, and the Directorate Striker Ship Destroyer begins to act quickly before the ponies would be drown and frozen. Harkovich was saying that the Titanic cannot hold much longer - or else all will be lost and the entire joint forces will be drowned. However Paffendorf informs them that the ship will SLOWLY sink at about 19 hours. The ultranationalists then begins to rescue all and get themselves on the transports.

National MilitaryEdit

United Earth Federation Military Forces Equestria
La Terre Unie Fédération de Les Marine Forces Equestria en est

Объединенный Земной Федерации Морских сил Equestria
United Earth Federation Marine-Streitkräfte Equestria''

U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific insignia
MarForPac insignia used by MARFOREQ
Founded January 18, 2014
Current form United States Marine Corps Forces Equestria
Disbanded January 12, 2237 (Now reformed in 2257)
Service branches U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific insignia MARFOREQ Expeditionary Fleet

U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific insignia MARFOREQ Expeditionary Force

Headquarters Equestria

Galactic News Radio (formerly)
White House (formerly)
Anchorage, Alaska (formerly)
The Pentagon (formerly and controlled by BoS)
UEF Flagship Aleksander

Air arm flying hours 12 hours
Supreme Commanders in Chiefs U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific insignia Private and Chief Warrant Commander Five Grant Dimitri Victor Sherman

Template:FlagInnerCircle Captain Colonel Vladimir A. Makarov

Ministers of Defense and Offense UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo2 Commander Harkovich

Faction USMC UGC Minister Mack
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Starbeam Twinkle
800px-Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945).svg Albert Speer
TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Alpha Squadron Edmund Duke

MFE Chiefs of Staff Template:FlagAssaultLasers Assault and Lasers General Heinrich Absel

Template:FlagAFH Aerial Forces General Marshal Patton
UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo2 Commander Harkovich
800px-Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Adolf Hitler
324px-Flag Schutzstaffel.svg Heinrich Himmler
TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Edmund Duke

Military age 16 years of age
Conscription 14 years of age
Available for
military service
1 or 3 days of training males, age 17 (17),
7th BN., 5th Military Brigade and SOCOM Forces females, age 17 (17)
Fit for
military service
1 day of training males, age 17 (17),
17 females, age 17 (17)
Reaching military
age annually
17 years of age males (17),
17 females (17)
Active personnel Itself and the Coalition Directorate (ranked 9)
Reserve personnel 13 years of age
Deployed personnel MARFOREQ Expeditionary Force and MARFOREQ Expeditionary Fleet
Budget 17,000
Percent of GDP 13,000
Domestic suppliers NATO, UN, Russia
Foreign suppliers NATO, UN, Russia
Annual imports Via Sol
Annual exports Via Sol
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History A once military brigade special ops command force, they were transformed into the Marine Forces Equestria of the 7th BN., 5th Military Brigade and SOCOM Forces, they will stop nothing
Ranks 15

250px-UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo1.svg Faction USMC UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo2
The Seventh Battalion, Fifth Military Brigade and Special Operations Command Forces. Select one.

The national military of the Marine Forces Equestria, was an elemental unit of the Seventh Battalion, 5th Military Brigade and Special Operations Command, led by Private and Chief Warrant Commander Five Grant Dimitri Victor Sherman. Their commander in chief has another name, Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope, an Expeditionary/High Admiral. Their primary role is to destroy enemy opposition NOT loyal to other countries. Adolf Hitler takes the role of commander, along with Heinrich Himmler, General Edmund Duke, Commander Harkovich, Aerial Forces General Marshal Peter Patton, and Assault and Lasers General Heinrich Rudolph Absel. The ministers were United States Senator Lamar S. Smith, Starbeam Twinkle, Albert Speer, Edmund Duke, Commander Harkovich, and the rest. The national military were based in the Midnight Castle, where the UEF Chemical Reactor "Volk" Failure Crisis took place. They averted it, but takes time to remove radiations.

Known membersEdit

  • Pvt-CW-Cmdr5. Grant Dimitri Victor Sherman/Oleg Vinson Petrenko
  • MajSgt-CW-Cmdr6. Jonathan
  • CaptCol. Vladimir A. Makarov
  • MajCapt. Dimitri H. Petrenko
  • LtCapt. Andrey H. Petrenko
  • Cmdr. Harkovich
  • SSgt. Scarlet James Twilight Ranger


  • MARFOREQ, along with its two-military and specially organized organizations, detachments, and elements appears in the Satory Military Parade, a military parade within the MFE Headquarters, north of Ponyville and/or floating military base above Ponyville.
    • But the base was transferred to the north/top of Ponyville because of the Volk Reactor failure. This might be that the outlying military base was just south of the Canterlot Castle.