Military Assistance Group Task Force Reconnaissance Expeditionary Team Omega-1
Allegiance Template:FlagUHN United Harmony Nations
Type Expeditionary, reconnaissance, capture and containment platoon
Role Exploratory, reconnaissance, capture and containment platoon

Expeditionary platoon for exploratory and containment ops

Size 49-pony Platoon
Nickname "Omega-1"
Motto "Explore. Contain. Capture."
Field Captain and Mission Commander Template:FlagJAEC Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon
Template:FlagJAEC Ushanka Mosin Starkovsky

Template:FlagJAEC General Daladay Sparkler-Honeymoon

"MAGTF Force Recon Expeditionary Team Omega-1", full name "Military Assistance Group Task Force Reconnaissance Expeditionary Team Omega-1", is a 49-pony-strength platoon led by Captain Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon. They were hoof-picked by the United Harmony Nations and its Department of Paranormal Affairs' commissioner, Charles de Croix.


The United Harmony Nations and the Joint Allied Expeditionary Command started talking about a special task force dedicated to assist Foundation, GOC, and domestic and foreign forces in the combined exploration-capture-containment operations on paranormal, supernatural, ectoentropic, and dimensional entities, objects, and forces. Soldiers from the JAEC, the UHN Peacekeeping Forces, the Amareican Armed Forces, Neighropean Militaries, Marerussian Armed Forces, and Pegasian Militaries including Mareab forces were sent; all of them were capable of combat.

Commander Borealis was chosen to hoof-pick all personnel from the JAEC. The ship he also chosen was none than other the USS Maregan Freemane, a supercarrier from Tom Clancy's EndWar.


Yamanetai was the target for Omega-1 to search for the Sword of the Sun Goddess. Upon en route to Yamanetai, Omega-1 met Captain Navy Blue - a Navy SEAL and captain of the USS Vengeance. The two team up and went to Yamanetai, where they successfully managed to capture and contain the Sword.

Transfer to Omega-1Edit

Captain Navy Blue, the pegasus mare who assisted in the expedition, was later transferred to Omega-1 due to her participation in the capture and containment of the Sword of the Sun Goddess.

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