Strike Team Three has members. They have commanders as well.

ST-3 MembersEdit

ST-3 CommandersEdit

  1. Lieutenant General Hershel Von Shepherd III
  2. Private and Chief Warrant Commander 5 Grant Sherman/Young Admiral (Primary Commander)
  3. Staff/Major Sergeant and Chief Warrant Commander 6 Paul Johnson
  4. Admiral Karl Hitler (Support Commander)
  5. Admiral Vassily Petrenko (Support Commander)
  6. Overlord (Army Ranger HQ and Intel Officer)
  7. Imran Zakhaev

​ST-3 OperativesEdit

  1. Major Captain Dimitri Petrenko
  2. Lieutenant Captain Andrey Petrenko
  3. Staff Sergeant Scarlet James Twilight Ranger
  4. Private Grant James Francis/Stalker 3
  5. Private Grant Passay
  6. Lieutenant Vassily Bodanov
  7. Pilot Captain/Corporal Nikolai Bodanov
  8. Lieutenant Vasquez
  9. Staff Sergeant Griggs
  10. Sergeant Paul Jackson
  11. Private James Ramirez
  12. Sergeant Foley/Hunter 2-1
  13. Corporal Dunn
  14. Private First Class Joseph Allen
  15. Sandman
  16. Sergeant Derek "Frost" Westbrook
  17. Grinch
  18. Truck
  19. Grizzly
  20. Sabre
  21. Faucon
  22. Teuer
  23. Waraabe
  24. Soap
  25. Captain Price
  26. Nico Bellic
  27. Roach
  28. Ghost
  29. Gaz
  30. Yuri
  31. Kamarov
  32. Alexei Bodanov
  33. Nikolai

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