This is a complete list of IGEF units.

NOTE: To all those who views this, the Foreign Legions below is consisted of criminals and felons (except for Novaya Equestrians, who were sent).

IGEF ArmiesEdit

  • First IGEF Panzer Army
  • Second IGEF Panzer Army

IGEF CorpsEdit

There are eighteen identified IGEF corps.

  • I IGEF Panzer Corps
  • II IGEF Panzer Corps
  • III (Germaneic) IGEF Panzer Corps
  • IV IGEF Panzer Corps
  • V IGEF Mountain Corps
  • VI IGEF Army Corps
  • VII IGEF Panzer Corps
  • VIII IGEF Cavalry Corps
  • IX Waffen Mountain Corps of the IGEF
  • X IGEF Corps
  • XI IGEF Panzer Corps
  • XII IGEF Corps
  • XIII IGEF Army Corps
  • XIV IGEF Corps
  • XV IGEF Cossack Cavalry Corps
  • XVI IGEF Corps
  • XVII Waffen Corps of the IGEF
  • XVIII IGEF Corps
  • XIX IGEF Marine Corps
  • XX IGEF Fallschirmjaeger Corps

IGEF DivisionsEdit

Transferred divisions to the IGEFEdit



Current IGEF DivisionsEdit

  • 1st IGEF Volksgrenadier Division
  • 2nd IGEF Volksgrenadier Division
  • 3rd IGEF Volksgrenadier Division
  • 4th IGEF Panzergrenadier Division
  • 5th IGEF Panzergrenadier Division
  • 6th IGEF Volksgrenadier Division
  • 7th IGEF Volksgrenadier Division
  • 8th IGEF Volksgrenadier Division
  • 9th Waffen Grenadier Division of the IGEF
  • 10th Waffen Grenadier Division of the IGEF (Griffonian)
  • 11th IGEF Panzergrenadier Division
  • 12th IGEF Grenadier Division
  • 13th IGEF Grenadier Division
  • 14th IGEF Grenadier Division
  • 15th IGEF Naval Infantry Division
  • 16th IGEF Naval Infantry Division
  • 17th IGEF Panzer Division
  • 18th IGEF Panzer Division
  • 19th IGEF Panzer Division
  • 20th Waffen Panzergrenadier Division of the IGEF (Seaponies)
  • 21st Waffen Panzergrenadier Division of the IGEF (Crystal Ponies)
  • 22nd IGEF and Police Grenadier Division
  • 23rd IGEF Polizei Panzergrenadier Division
  • 24th IGEF Grenadier Division
  • 25th Waffen Grenadier Division of the IGEF
  • 26th IGEF Volunteer Grenadier Division
  • 27th IGEF Volunteer Mounted Infantry Division
  • 28th IGEF Volunteer Luftlande Infantry Division
  • 29th IGEF Volunteer Fallschirmjaeger Division
  • 30th IGEF Volunteer Fallschirmjaeger Division
  • 31st IGEF Panzergrenadier Division
  • 32nd Waffen Grenadier Division of the IGEF
  • 33rd IGEF Mountain Division
  • 34th IGEF Mountain Division
  • 35th IGEF Mountain Division
  • 36th Waffen Mountain Division of the IGEF
  • 37th Waffen Panzergrenadier Division of the IGEF (Equestrian)
  • 38th Waffen Polizei Panzergrenadier Division of the IGEF (Concordian)
  • 39th Waffen Grenadier Division of the IGEF (Henosian)

IGEF BrigadesEdit

  • 1st IGEF Infantry Brigade
  • 2nd IGEF Infantry Brigade
  • 3rd Equestrian IGEF Volunteer Brigade
  • 4th IGEF Volunteer Panzergrenadier Brigade Neighderland
  • 5th IGEF Volunteer Sturmbrigade Mareveolan
  • 6th IGEF Volunteer Sturmbrigade Crystal Ponies
  • Sturmbrigade Reichsfuhrer-SS
  • 8th IGEF Volunteer Sturmbrigade Concordia
  • IGEF Cavalry Brigade
  • IGEF Brigade Crestfall
  • IGEF Schutzmannschaft-Brigade Siegfried
  • IGEF-Sturmbrigade Griffon Kingdom
  • IGEF-Sturmbrigade Henosis
  • IGEF Panzergrenadier Brigade 49
  • IGEF Panzergrenadier Brigade 51
  • IGEF Panzer Brigade 150
  • IGEF Volunteer Grenadier Brigade Black Islands

IGEF Foreign LegionsEdit

  • Equestrian Legion
  • Herdite IGEF Foreign Legion
  • Crystal Free Corps
  • Concordian Legion
  • Henosian Legion
  • Black Islands Legion
  • Montesardi Legion
  • Novaya Equestrian Legion (only appearing in crossover RPs)
  • Amareican Legion
  • Neighropean Legions
  • Pegasian Legions
  • Griffon Legion

Other IGEF unitsEdit

  • IGEF Heavy Panzer Battalion 1
  • IGEF Heavy Panzer Battalion 2
  • IGEF Heavy Panzer Battalion 3
  • IGEF Heavy Panzer Battalion 4
  • 1st IGEF Parachute Battalion
  • 2nd IGEF Parachute Battalion
  • IGEF Werfer-Batterie 01

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