Prisoners Of War Date Captured Status
Neela Lotta: August 2nd, 2174 Deceased
Horace Rivera: November 3rd, 2174 Freed, 2175
Blaze: January 1st, 2175 Deceased
Gene Burti: January 1st, 2175 Deceased
Eva Nohan: January 13th, 2175 Freed, 2175
Richard Stallion: April 5th, 2175 Freed, 2175
Bert Bolt: April 9th, 2175 Deceased
Nila Longheart: June 7th, 2174 Deceased
Rim Norton: June 26th, 2174 Deceased
Hoofania Toof: April 24th, 2175 Deceased
Braun Hoofla: April 2nd, 2175

Freed, 2175

Judan Fro: January 1st, 2175 Freed, 2175
Trixie Yin: January 1st, 2175 Deceased
Silver Plate: June 4th, 2174 Deceased
Rainbow Dash: February 6th, 2175 Freed, 2175

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