Liberation of Harnam
Date: January 2nd, 2210 - January 29th, 2210
Conflict: The Galactic War
  • Harnam Army of Independence
  • Universal Generation
  • Universal United
Operation: Harnamian Freedom
Status: Decisive Resistance and U.U Victory...
  • Last attempt on R.F.F.S.7. Counter Attack Thwarted...
  • Universal Generation Abandon The Organic Universe...
  • Harnam Joins Universal United...
  • Multiple Destruction of the Planet's Surface...
  • Continental's Devest and Netherlandic Escape...
Region: Harnam, Milkyway Galaxy
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Liberation of Harnam was a large Liberation conducted by the Universal United Armada, in an attempt to free Harman from the Universal Generation, following it's failed Invasion which ended in Turmoil on January 2210 due to multiple Uprisings and Guerrilla attacks.

The Liberation of Harman insured that all MoonWalker Invaders were eradicated off the face of the Planet, while those that fled became easy targets for the Organic blocade in orbit.

Unfortunatly Continental's Netherlandic, and Devest were able to escape the Planet before the U.U, managed to send forces down below.

Although 2 Continental's escaped the Liberation of Harnam would wipe out the only chance that the Univerasl Generation had on conducting a second Invasion attempt of the Organic Realm.

After the Liberation Harnam joined Univeral United in it's quest to Hora, where throuhout the remainder of the war the Planet would fight the Universal Generation for another 79 years on they're own home front on the Third and Final Era of the Galactic War.


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