Second Battle of Sierra
Liberation Of Sierra...2212
Date: April 4th, 2212 - August 2nd, 2212
Conflict: The Galactic War

First Combatants

Late In Battle

Region: Sierra, Universe of Hora
Status: Universal United Victory
  • Universal United Establish a Foothold In Hora...
  • FS7 Begin to lose ground all over Hora
  • Universal United Amass for the Invasion Of Korna...
Operation: Sierra 118

The Liberation Of Sierra Was marked the beginning of The Universal United's Operation Valor, and the first Major battle to take place in a Universe far beyond their own with no other Flesh creatures around, in the FS7 Occupied Machine Universe Of Hora.

Battle Of Soul 5 Edit

4 Years have passed the FS7 Failing Invasion of the Milky Way, Universal United Forces used these 4 years in an attempt to amass for an Invasion of the FS7 Universe of Hora, by constructing more Battleships, armor, Guns, ammunition, supplies, Star fighters, and anything else that could be used to cause destruction in war. The time of the great Galaxy Departure came In 2212, after Earth Scientist, managed to hack the Riverian computers, allowing the New Gunghollow, warping gates to work for Earth. By April 4th, a large U.E.A Invasion fleet consisting of about 221 Battle Ships along with 21 Invasion Carriers, arrived in the stars of Hora, where they later learned that the region that they have just entered was known as Soul 5, the location of Sierra.

The FS7 responded to the Flesh Invasion by sending a large defense fleet from Sierra, in order to repel the attack, but the U.E.A Space navy was able to easily overrun the FS7 defenses in Space with the help of the Universal United Fleet that had just entered 4 hours after U.E.A. arriving at Sierra at about April 6th. A Large engagement clashed over Sierra for control of the Atmosphere. The FS7 fleet, began to take a major pounding from U.E.A. Star Carriers, and Universal United who were just warped in the vicinity forcing them to turn around and withdraw. The Continentals were later informed of Universal United presence in Hora, and ordered the FS7 to hold the planet at all cost.



Sierra Invasion Edit

U.E.A. InsertionEdit

Beachhead Of Carnage CanyonEdit

Main article: U.E.A Landing At Carnage Canyon

Attack on Jun 3Edit

Main article: Joint Op At Jun 3

Battle of the Galactic MountainsEdit

The Galactic Mountains held dear importance in the Occupation of Sierra, with an FS7 Constructed Weapons Lab located in the heart of the Mountains, about 20 miles North of the Town of Aron. Aron Village was a very small settlement on Sierra. Rivera's population was probably employed at the FS7 Weapons labs throughout the years of Sierra's occupation at the end of the Universal War and the Rivera Federation War. and it's Miner population was fiercely loyal to the Continentals of Rivera, who once colonized them before their downfall in 23Ga, during the Platinum Wars.

There are quite a few refineries and factories dotted around Aron, in various states of abandonment. Over time they've been glassed away by the FS7, and rebuild into a large weapons factory, turning the entire Planet of Sierra, into a guns Industry.

The Operation began with New Harrison and Rivera on a train that is heading for the Chaos Star. After killing many FS7 on this train, they encounter the first and only non-hostile FS7, who proved to be a resident of Sierra who opposed the FS7. The only thing he says is "I-I'm not a soldier!" and also "I have to stop the train!". When the train stops, Rivera, and New Harrison split. It is unknown what route Rivera takes. New Harrison travels through the Weapons lab and has to fight through a large amount of FS7 fighters, in the area, plus even destroying a Raider as well in the process. After a while, New Harrison and Rivera meet again in a control room, where they soon found out that the FS7, are planning on bringing in more reinforcements in order to drive the U.E.A out of Hora. They soon managed to move and get to the place where Continental Hunter Core Rivera is holding the rest of Nero Squad, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and a Scout Team CO. When New Harrison tells Rico to wait for his signal, Rivera waits and goes in as soon as New Harrison orders the attack, and both kill most of the FS7, Rivera however got shot in the left, eye, and a second time in the arm causing him to drop to the ground losing a lot of blood.

Hunter escapes, and flies away with an Raider Drop ship just when Alpha Squad comes out of the factory. Continental Hojara Hoystoria Rivera dies from damage rate here, right In Rainbow Dash's arms, with her crying over him.

Invasion of HorcaEdit

Main article: Battle Of Horca

Horca was the main Target location of the U.E.A invasion of Sierra, planning on using the capital city as their main Head Quarters for their first major beach head in the Universe of Hora. It was known securing the city would effectively cripple the FS7's military capabilities, throughout the Outer regions Of Hora, as well as a large bulk of military forces that they would be sending in order to prevent the humans from gaining a strong hold in their Universe. During the first hours of D-Day for the second wave, the FS7 forces stationed on Sierra, set up a defensive perimeter consisting of Orbital Star Cannons, and were ordered to hold the planet until Reinforcements could arrive from Korna.

After the Orbital Star Cannons destroyed a large group of U.E.A Battleships In Sierra's orbit during the Space Engagement in the early months of the Invasion, the U.E.A decided it was best not to move their Space Fleet, forward as such an action would only result in more losses, and also thwarting their plans for revenge against the Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7.

Meanwhile, New Harrison arrives on Sierra with Nero Squad, as they were sent to find to destroy the O.S.C. guns around the surface of Sierra. After destroying a grand total of up to about 20-30 cannons the U.E.A invasion fleet descended of Horca, and began to land troops on the streets. The U.E.A. A large garrison of U.E.A that have Invaded other regions around Sierra soon broke through the FS7 Defenses at K-9 Field, and hooked up with the Horca Invasion occupying the City of Horca, in about 13 days.

New Harrison later received an Urgent call from his wife Panmela, who warned him that a new FS7 Fleet was on the way to try and retake Sierra in order to prevent the Beach head from being established. As a response General Kar, ordered a large fleet in Sierra's orbit to defend the Planet from Space, and the ground Invasion forces to dig in as well if the FS7 should land.

FS7 Counter Attack At HorcaEdit

Despite the FS7's defeat in Horca, the Main U.E.A Garrison that was patrolling The skies above Horca came under fire from an FS7 Counter attack, catching the fleet in Space completely off guard. War In space was already erupting, but unfortunately the small U.E.A fleet wasn't able to hold back all Invading FS7 Ships, from reaching the surface of the planet. A FS7 Carrier, the RHM Nero, managed to slip passed the orbital defenses along with 4 other FS7 Cruisers entering Sierra's atmosphere where they attacked the U.E.A Docked ships over Horca, by boarding, and Invading them one by one while the rest were just blown right out of the sky. The U.E.A Ground forces watched as 4 of their stronger frigates dropped outta of the sky and crash some where around the city, It was than that the Nero, began to launch a massive Ground Invasion on retaking Sierra.

Days later the U.E.A found themselves outnumbered by the FS7 Invasion, and were at the point of Evacuation out of Hora. Things got so bad that some of the U.E.A went nuts into shooting their way off the Planet only for them to get destroyed by the FS7 in Orbit, they were trapped with no where else to go. While the terrain slowly began to get reoccupied some Earth forces believed that they will never avenge their brothers and sisters who were slaughtered on Earth along with the rest of her colonies, but those that were still confident continued to fight anyway.

Their last stand took place at Horca, who managed to hold back for several weeks against the FS7, Invasion. The city became overwhelmed and overrun, but on the Night of August 1st, 2212, the U.E.A received reinforcements from above, with a fleet of about 20,000 Ships that over ran the FS7 In orbit and managed to reclaim the Terrian of Sierra, destroying the FS7 Counter attack and sending them retreating back into Space, where they were also attacked from the U.E.A Fleet blocking their route of retreat.

Universal United ArrivesEdit

FS7 Withdraw Edit

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

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