Battle of Stalliongrad
FS7 Occupation Of Equestria
Date: February 2nd, 2175 - May 1st, 2175
Conflict: The Galactic War
  • Universal Generation
  • Earth Federation
  • Universal Earth Alliance Arrived on May 1st 2175
  • Lunar Empire
Region: Stalliongrad Equestria
Status: Equestrian Victory
  • Finally brought a Stop to the FS7 Advance...
  • U.E.A Ally with Equesria...
  • Princess Celestia's Spirit Is boosted once again on Defending Equestria...
  • 82% of FS7 Obliterated
Seasons: Spring Too Summer

The Battle of Stalliongrad known to the Universal Generation, as the last battle On Equstria, taking place in early February of 2175. Over the course of the battle, FS7 forces captured the City of Stalliongrad, and it was quickly retaken in a matter of hours by Princess Celestia.

However, after the first wave retreats, the city was occupied by another, larger FS7 force sent by Dictator Highland. In the aftermath of the battle, Princess Celestia was to be found by the Universal Generation but she was recovered by MFE Detachment Satory and the FS7 beaten to the ground.

Prior too the Campaign Edit

On January 29th, Laramera sent his forces to reinforce the garrison at Germeign, expecting a large blow from the FS7 across the Boarder from the Stalliongrad Region in Germaney. After giving a report to Denethor mayor/President of Stalliongrad, he left on January 31st, to command the garrison. That night, they were attacked. On February 1st, Laramera retreated to the Causeway Forts. Once there, he did his best to hold the rearguard, lest the retreat turn into a rout. However, he was wounded on the approach back to Stalliongrad by shot from an FS7 shark Sniper of the enemy.

FS7 Invasion Edit

Siege of Stalliongrad Edit

Upon arriving at the city On February 2nd, the FS7 sprawled before the greatest of all walls. They quickly put up siege equipment and dug trenches. Wasting almost no time, the siege began, eventually breaching the walls of Stalliongrad- the Rammas Echor. The wall, built in the days of the splendor of the men of the west, was thought to be impregnable. FS7 Hell Bombardments were eaisly able too Penetrate the walls, smashing about 89% Of Stalliongrad into smoking ruins. FS7 Star Bombardments launched endless missiles into the lower city, setting it ablaze. The great gates of Stalliongrad were not to be underestimated, and after prolonged failure, the FS7 than decided too Glass the walls open, launching the RHM Ia, into the fight, out of all 20 ships hovering above the FS7 main Army, consisting of 20 Star Arora's and 10 Hail Aroras. A large force was sent to guard the northern roads against possible reinforcements from Rohan. It put trenches and stakes on the road, enough to halt any charge.

Denethor was distraught, and refused to lead the surviving, as he thought the entire city was to be destroyed along with the Princesses (Even though they were not), and Laramera was doomed to die. He apathetically refused to give any command, saying it was pointless to even try. This resulted in Princess Celestia commanding the defenders. Thousands of FS7 and hundreds of soldiers of Stalliongrad were killed during a prolonged shoot out. Mighty siege towers, and Landing vehicles arrived on the walls but those were mainly a distraction and a test of Equestria's strength. The main assault was launched against the Gate - the only vulnerable point in the wall. The RHM Ia than fired destroying the entire gate, as well as 18% of the city walls, allowing the FS7 entry into the city.

Stalliongrad WarEdit

February 15 the FS7 began to occupy Stalliongrad one block at a time, pushing the Lunar Empire back to the Square of Horse Collar. On the ground outside the city, the FS7 had set up heavy defensives including several AA Batteries near the city and in the surrounding area to protect their Invasion.

FS7 bombardment resulted in extreme casualties for of the Equestrian ground forces.

Throughout the first several weeks Before Stalliongrad and Steedland, the newly constructed Equestrian Space Fleet, mostly done by Captured FS7 Star Arora Cruiser's, led by Admiral Young fiercely fought the FS7 Invasion ships. However, on February 15th, FS7 Reinforcments would arrive with the largest FS7 fleets in recorded history. Although outnumbered and outgunned in every possible way, the Equestrian Space Navy put up one of the most fierce resistants ever seen during the war. With nearly 300 ODPs and Young's brilliant leadership, the Equestrian Navy destroyed hundreds of medium and heavy class FS7 Star Ships, eventually reducing the massive fleet to no more than 40 ships. However, in return, the Equestrian fleet was wiped out entirely; only a handful of Frigates remained.

With The FS7 ground forces gaining the upper hand in the Invasion of Stalliongrad. Princess Celestia relocated herself from the center of the city to the Docks in the Northern part of the city.

As plans for an offensive got underway the FS7 attacked Princess Celestia's hide out in the docks, though they were no longer able to defeat her, The FS7 got the plans from a U.E.F soldier before knowing that the presence of the UEF Marine Corps Special Operations Command Forces had lurked in the darkness. The FS7 knows what are they but an aggressive voice coming from a UEFMCSOC Trooper ordered to shoot. They know that they are the Space Naval Marines of the United Earth Federation - the Marine Infantry. The Marine Infantries attacked from nowhere and rescued the UEF Sergeant being held captive. The FS7, knowing their defensive plans on the remaining blocks in Stalliongrad the FS7 struck the major weak spots around the city in the Equestrian Military.

FS7 At Last Pushed BackEdit

After U.E.A. Arrival

The Arrival Of the Universal Earth Alliance liberated Equestria and Griffion Kingdom from the FS7 causing the FS7 Invasion at Stalliongrad to fall apart...

Unknown to both Equestria and FS7, Princess Celestia showed the army of the Mark an old, hidden road built by the her long ago, and forgotten by all save the Wild Men. This allowed the U.E.A. too break through the FS7 Blockade around Earth, and escape into Hyper Space to circumvent the defenses of the enemy on the northern road, and attack the forces of FS7 invading Equestria from the rear. Due to the dismantling of the walls of Stalliongrad, they could not mount a strong defense quickly, and U.E.A after breaching the FS7 blockade in Orbit forces quickly overran the northern half of Stallion Region by Air Invasion. However, after forcing the retreat of 59% of the FS7 Military body, as well as preventing there cruisers and destroyers from interfereing, they were halted by A Large Army of Hell Lizards, and Riviera's, coming in from the North East.

The attack came swift and unexpected, forcing the U.E.A ground units too turn and engage the hell Lizards, and Riviera walkers, while the rest of the unit dealt with the infantry and tanks on the field.. At that moment.

The Invulnerable ArmyEdit

Neither side knew that Grant Calliope and the United Earth Expiditionary Fleet, would arrive with the help of the Army of the Invulereable, an army that not even all 21 Continentals can master.

Upon arriving, the enemy found itself in a very disadvantageous position, with their enemies where (and when) they least expected. The extra reinforcements brought by Calliope punched a wide salient within the most vulnerable area of the the FS7-host, severing the forces nearer to Stalliongrad and the ones close to the Germiegn. The Ponies of Equestria exploited this tactical advantage to the fullest, utterly routing the enemy with prolonged infantry charges and cavalry pursuit, along with the U.E.A providing cover from above. The tactical and moral advantage granted by that was effective in turning the battle into a rout of the FS7 host. Most of the FS7-host was slain and the rest fled back North East, only too be obliterated days later.

82% Of the FS7 DestroyedEdit

before Landing in the Stalliongrad Region, the U.E.A. first they landed troops in Griffion Kingdom, from East to west, within days the Kingdom had been liberated, with Griffions flying int the skies in celebration.

They also landed in Equetria the major key role, witch despite heavy resistance from the FS7, led to a victory for the U.E.A thus the liberation of Ponyville. The U.E.A Victories at Griffion Kingdom along with Equestria caused the FS7 Invasion of Stalliongrad to fall apart in Desmay.

Back In Stalliongrad Throughout the assault the U.E.A Forces disabled several Anti Air Gojira's as well as one of the main AA batteries, including destroying about up to 20 Rudder 1's. With the way cleared, the U.E.A Space Navy ordered entered the planet and to attack the FS7 Ground advances with Orbital Attacks. Despite after the loss of too many forces, exhaustion from 5 years of fighting, including 8 Starships The FS7 began to lose the ground that they once occupied weeks early, now it was the FS7 getting butcherd for the first time since they arrived in Equestria. By Februar4 24th, about 80,000 Miles Of Equestrian land had been freed. and the rest of the FS7 fleet departed the Stalliongrad Region.

Aftermath Edit

Finally By May 2nd, after the battle, Princess Celestia ordered the final shot, that was fired from A U.E.A Tank. Peace had returned to Stalliongrad along with the Surrounding regions that have been liberated earlier. After the rest of the surviving FS7 forces were massacred by the U.E.A, they soon later find out that War Kaiser Shadow Hord was killed on Fera, during the Raid of Fort Hill, after this news had arrived throughout the entire Milkyway Galaxy the humans and ponies now knew that Highland has not only lost just a war Kaiser, but an Entire Army, 44 Divisions, a grand total of 80,000,900 androids. These were the androids that were promised as Conquerors they would own Planet Equestria, and kill Princess Celestia.

Well This Was Equetria 'Equestrian U.E.A Victory, Equestria spared from FS7 Occupation ' This Was princess Celestia

  • Alive

And Here were the Conquerors

  • 44 Divisions Lost Grand Total Of 80,000,900 Androids and Vehicles

And when another Month broke out over the Surface Of Equestria the results of the FS7 Defeat at Stalliongrad were clear. The Invader had been driven back far beyound the lines that he had occupied a year early. A grand total of 800,000 Square Equestrian land had been freed.

And In this Winter Campaign of 2175, The FS7 has lost

  • 900,000 Planes
  • 80,000 Dropships
  • 800,000,1000 Rudder 1's
  • 9,190 Strikers
  • 20,460 Hell Bombardments
  • 91,501 MG.42's
  • More than 70,000 Rifles
  • 89,000,000 Assault Rifles
  • 128,000,000 Carriages

Vast Stores Of Other Materials

  • And 90,290,000 Androids Of Whom 800,000 Were destroyed...

That was the Story to date of the FS7's Attempt to conquer Equestria. In 2174 they tried for Cloudesdale. They failed, In 2175 they tried for Stalliongrad, They failed. In 2178 for as many years as necessary they will not only be resistant where ever their failing power strikes. But they will be attacked, attacked, and attacked.

By These United Planets of this United Galaxy...

Trivia Edit

  • The Battle of Stalliongrad was a parody too the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, and Battle of Stalingrad in 1943...

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