The Koprulu Liberators
Founded 2500
Type Earth forces
Size 12 battalions
Nickname "The Liberators"
Motto "We Are The Liberators of Koprulu"
March Magkasama Tayo Sa Kwento Ng Pasko (favorable song)
800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg Captain "Borealis"
800px-Flag of Russia.svg Lieutenant "Ushanka"

TerranDominion Logo2a Lieutenant "Luna"
TerranDominion Logo2a Lieutenant "Chrysalis"

The Koprulu Liberators, also known as The Liberators or its initials "KL", is an anti-Dominion resistance group that were formed when more battalions from the United States Armed Forces were frozen inside stasis pods within their ships. They were represented in the color tan, although their color changes to urban for urban warfare, white for winter warfare, tan (also their true color) and khaki for desert warfare, and green for jungle/woodland warfare.


The Liberators were based on the 1st Kronus Regiment, known as "The Liberators". The Koprulu Liberators were also based on all of the United States Joint Strike Force's battalions. The United States Joint Strike Force units were the same, but were modified for combat situations.


2021: Pre-Post Brood WarEdit

The Koprulu Liberators' origins led back to the year 2021, where "Borealis" and his allies and former enemies, including his rival "Ushanka", are inside their ships. However, they were accidentally landed into the world of Tarsonis, with Borealis, in his pod, launched into Korhal until he was thawed into the year 2500 after the Brood War.

2500: Post-Brood WarEdit

Captain Borealis was later thawed from his pod by a former Dominion Ghost, known as "Luna". The two had a form of sexual relationships where they managed to free his forces from stasis. After that, the two kept their sexual relationship a secret. The Koprulu Liberators then put their forces into constructing technologies based on the Terran Dominion's, the Umojan Protectorate's, and the United Earth Directorate's to modify their forces for better combat situations, search and rescue, etc.

List of MembersEdit

  • Field Captain "Borealis" (commander-in-chief)
  • Field Lieutenant "Ushanka" (second-in-command)
  • Captain Sherman
  • Lieutenant Makarov
  • Lieutenant "Luna" (third-in-command)
  • Lieutenant "Chrysalis" (third-in-command)

List of equipmentEdit


  • XM9 Pulse Rifle
  • SCAR A2 Assault Rifle
  • C-30A Sniper Rifle
  • XM323 Grenade Launcher
  • M1911 Combat Pistol
  • USP.55 Personal Pistol


Ground vehiclesEdit

  • C2A5 Archon command and control vehicle
  • Schwarzkopf-class main battle tanks
  • Blackfoot-class aircraft
  • Fastback-class transports
  • Spartan-class heavy self-propelled artillery
  • Rottweiler-class battle drones

Airborne vehiclesEdit

  • Valkyrie-class super-dropships
  • Razorback-class starfighters
  • Blackfoot-class stealth bombers
  • Scryer-class space UAV
  • Earth-class battlecruisers
    • USS Borealis
    • USS Selena
    • USS Ushanka
    • USS Chrysalis

List of BattalionsEdit

  • 1st Combined Battalion - The Combined Arms element of the Battalion were turned into a theatre in case of planning an attack on any worlds to liberate or rescue.
  • 3rd Tactical Battalion - The Command & Control element of the Battalion are ready to directly reinforce or support its other combat elements.
  • 5th Armored Battalion - The 5th Armored is responsible for providing armored assets as well as anti-armor systems and expertise in the employment.
  • 8th Assault Battalion - KL commanders are granted an enormous amount of flexibility and autonomy in their command because they get the job done in any way possible.
  • 13th Airborne Battalion - An elite air-mobile force trained in a wide variety of insertion techniques including fast rope and launching of drop pods.
  • 14th Assault Battalion - Specializes in providing combat power by utilizing maneuver, armor protected firepower, and shock action in order to close with and destroy the enemy.
  • 15th Special Operations Battalion - The Special Operations Battalion is among the most highly-trained elements of an already elite force.
  • 16th Armored Battalion - A forward-deployed cavalry centric force capable of conducting offensive and selected special operations under any environmental conditions.
  • 22nd Tactical Battalion - This air-ground task force is designed to thoroughly exploit the combat power inherent in air and ground assets by closely integrating them into a single force.
  • 23rd Mechanized Battalion - The Battalion is composed of rapidly deployable heavy infantry and transports able to perform a variety of conventional and special operations missions.
  • 26th Mechanized Battalion - Ready to conduct a broad range of missions across the operational continuum the 26th is a classic example of the ‘Joint Strike Force’ concept of maneuver warfare.
  • 35th Airborne Battalion - An elite air mobile force trained to rapidly deploy to combat areas with precision and speed, they also utilize Ah-80 Blackfoot gunships and snipers. THIS BATTALION WEARS THE BONUS LIBERATOR CAMOUFLAGE BY DEFAULT.


  • The Liberators were a reference to the 1st Kronus Regiment and the United States Joint Strike Force of the Warhammer 40K and the EndWar universe, respectively.
  • The Koprulu Liberators is not to be confused with the Koprulu Liberation Front.