Joint Operation: Sunstrike
Team Joint MARFOREQ - UEFEF Operation
Weapons Joint Ops arsenals
Enemy weapons Zebrican arsenals
Place Fillydelphia, Equestria
Date Unknown
Objective MarForEq objectives:
  • Protect the Grand Admiral
  • Protect the warehouse until exodus arrives
  • Get to the exodus transport
  • The Grand Admiral and Sierra Tango must survived

UEFAF objectives:

  • Protect the transports until arriving at the Fillydelphia Warehouse #6
  • Defend the Warehouse until the exodus arrives
  • Protect the Grand Admiral and Sierra Tango
Enemies Zebrican Forces

Operation Sunstrike is a joint operation for MARFOREQ and the UEFAF, to find and locate "Sierra Tango", a callsign for Starbeam Twinkle.

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