Invasion of the Holy Britannia Empire
Location Holy Britannian Empire
800px-Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945).svg Nazi Federal Republic Template:FlagHBE Holy Britannia Empire
Units involved
  • Nazi German Expeditionary Force
    • Panzergrenadier divisions
    • Volksgrenadier division
    • Panzer divisions
    • Light divisions
    • Fortress divisions
    • Static divisions
    • Divisions zbV
    • Jaeger divisions
    • Ski divisions
    • Mountain divisions
    • Cavalry divisions
    • Naval infantry divisions
    • Artillery divisions
    • Landwehr divisions
    • Fallschirmjaeger divisions
  • Schutzstaffel
Britannian Armed Forces
  • Britannian Army
    • Knightmare Frames
  • Britannian Air Force
  • Britannian Navy
    • Royal Britannian Marines
    • Royal Britannian Marine Infantry
  • Britannian Knights
    • Knights of the Round
    • Glinda Knights
    • Knights of St. Raphael
    • Knights of St. Michael
    • Glaston Knights

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