Invasion and Conquest of Marelumbia
Location Marelumbia
Result Novaya Equestria-Celestina Empire victory
  • Complete and total imperial military occupation of Marelumbia.
    • Novaya Equestrian imperial military town center situated in Monument Island, breaking the spirit of the entire Marelumbian spirit in one symbolic act.
    • The capture of Comstock
      • Comstock's powers and leadership stripped
Flag of equestria by desigos (small) Novaya Equestria

Template:FlagCE Celestina Empire

  • The Founders
    • Marelumbia Authority
      • Marelumbian Police Force
  • Vox Populi
Commanders and leaders
Flag of equestria by desigos (small) Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon

Template:FlagCE Princess Twilight Sparkle

Template:FlagMarelumbia Prophet Comstock

Template:FlagVoxPopuli Vox Populi leaders

Units involved
Novaya Equestrian Imperial Military Expeditionary Force
  • Two IMEFs
    • 26 divisions (13 per IMEF)
      • Battalions and regiments (per divisions)
  • Novaya Equestrian 1st Military Expeditionary Force
    • 108th Airborne Division
    • 102nd Airborne Division
    • 81st Airborne Division
    • 1st Airborne Division
    • 2nd Armored Division
    • 8th Armored Division
    • 2nd Cavalry Division
    • 1st Air Cavalry Division
    • 2nd Air Cavalry Division
    • 3rd Air Cavalry Division
    • 4th Marine Expeditionary Force
      • 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade
      • 4th Marine Expeditionary Unit
        • 4th Marine Division
    • 1st Air Expeditionary Wing
    • 2nd Air Expeditionary Wing
    • 3rd Air Expeditionary Wing
    • Twelfth Fleet
      • "Novaya Equestria" Carrier Strike Group
    • Thirteenth Fleet
      • "Grigor I. Stoyaneighvich" Carrier Strike Group
    • Fourteenth Fleet
    • Fifteenth Fleet
    • SEAL Team 10
    • SEAL Team 11
    • SEAL Team 12
    • 550th Tactical Group
    • MAGTF Force Recon Expeditionary Team Omega-1
    • 1st SS-Panzergrenadier Division Leibstandarte SS Borealis
    • 1st Kampfgruppe Lehr Division "Borealis' Own"
    • 1st Black Robe Division "Grigor Illyavich Stoyaneighvich"

Celestina Empire Military Expeditionary Force

  • Three divisions
Forces of Marelumbia
  • The Founders
    • Marelumbia Authority
      • Marelumbian Police Force
  • Vox Populi
Casualties and losses
  • 1,209


  • 6,809

Capitulation and occupation of Marelumbia

Regiments, companies, and platoons of the three Imperial MEFs were participating as the rest acts as reinforcements.
The Invasion and later Conquest of Marelumbia is a conflict between the Novaya Equestria-Celestina Empire alliance and the two factions from Marelumbia: The Founders and the Marelumbia Authority and the Vox Populi. The conflict ends in the alliance being the victors as the Celestina Empire, the United States of Amareica, and the United Harmony Nations allow Novaya Equestria to initiate its complete and total domination and imperial military occupation of Marelumbia, starting with the establishment of a Novaya Equestrian imperial military town center - which was located in Monument Island.

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