The D.C Invasion
D.C.'s Suburbs
Date: September 10th, 2012 - September 16th, 2012
Region: Washington D.C, Maryland
Conflict: United Nazi War
Status: U.S Victory...
  • Nazi Germany forced out of Washington D.C...
  • Nazi Advance in the United States Aborted and switched to Defesne...
  • Congress decides to withdraw from Afghanistan...
  • Washington D.C. In Ruins...
Operation: D.C Purge


The D.C. Invasion, Also known as the Battle Of Washington D.C. Was a seven day engagement, and it was also known to be the most Bloodiest Battle in the United Nazi War, during the Ending weeks of Operation D.C Purge. It would also mark the farthest that Nazi Germany could Advance in the United States.

It was also marked in America's History to be the second time Washington ended up being in ruins from a Foreign Power, other than the British Empire during the War Of 1812, about 2 Centuries Prior to the attack.

Nazi Siege Edit

Operation NirmanEdit

Main article: Operation Nirman

About 2 days prior to the Invasion. A large Surprise Nazi Offensive was struck against the United States National Guards men, guarding Western Maryland, The operation was known to be Operation Nirman. The attack forced all National guards forces to start pulling out defenses from D.C and other areas around the West in hopes of breaking the Advance of the Nazi Regime, but the Attack failed causing The Operation to end In Nazi Victory, allowing the SS To enter Washington D.C's Suburbs, and make there way into the Downtown Area.

Battle Of Loran HillEdit

Air BombardmentsEdit

Nazi Invasion Edit

Battle In the SuburbsEdit

Citizen EvacuationsEdit

Government EvacuationsEdit

Fall Of the Downtown AreaEdit

File:Ruins Of Washington D.C.jpg

Last Stand At the MonumentEdit

Main article: Battle of The Grand Mall

Air Invasion Behind U.S. LinesEdit

Main article: Defending The White House

United States Counter Attack Edit

Nazi Retreat Edit

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Battle In Washington D.C, was known to be one of the most Bloodiest days of the United Nazi War, with the death tolls, almost surpassing both the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, and Antinam in 1862, of the American Civil War with hurrendous losses on both sides...
  • The U.S. National Guards men during the battle were armed with a mixure of both 21st, and 20th Century fire arms, but they started using more 21st Century fire arms again during the Battle of the Grand Mall on September 16th...
  • Washington D.C was the only Battle in the United Nazi War to take place in the South, During the early months, the War was more concentrated to the West...
  • Nazi Germany seized Invasion plans after the Defeat at Washington D.C, planning on standing there ground on New England, until Kate Bush would turn herself in...
  • Close to the British Empire, Nazi Germany also launched attacks against the United States Parliament Buildings, but out off all 3 Buildings the SS were only able to enter and occupy one. (The Court House)...
  • The Attack on Washington D.C finally knocked some sense into the United States Republican Party in siding with the Democrats in finding a way to get there forces out of the country of Afghanistan and removing the Nazi Threat from the United States once and for all...
  • The Victory at Washington D.C boost the Spirits of all American Citizens in Occupied New England, to continue there Uprisings against the SS.
  • Though Victorious, the U.S Capital was reduced to Ruins, afterwards, with only the Northern Sectors, the White House, the Capital Building and the Potomac Side, still in tack with only minor damage...
  • The attack on Washington D.C Shocked the United Nations, in Afghanistan, during the Washington Siege, United States Military forces became desperate in trying to Break through the Blitz Ring, but were repelled 4 times...

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