Imperial Germane military intervention in Arstrotzka
Location Arstrotzka
  • Prancadizna
  • East Manetin
Template:FlagGermaneEmpire Germane Empire

740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Equestria

Template:FlagArstrotzka Arstrotzka

Template:FlagEZIC EZIC

Template:FlagArstrotzka Arstrotzkan rebels
Template:FlagGryphonia Gryphonian smugglers and terrorists

Commanders and leaders
Template:FlagGermaneEmpire Hauptsturmfuhrer Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon

(Captain of the IGEF)
Template:FlagGermaneEmpire Obersturmfuhrer Ushanka Mosin Starkovsky
(Lieutenant of the IGEF)
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Princess Twilight Sparle
(Temporary Governor of Arstrotzka)
Template:FlagArstrotzka Mikhail Kirov
(President of Arstrotzka)

Template:FlagEZIC EZIC leaders

Template:FlagArstrotzka Arstrotzkan revolutionary leaders
Template:FlagGryphonia Gryphonian terror leaders

Units involved

Equestrian Army

  • REEF

Arstrotzkan Ponies' Army

Casualties and losses
Medium Annihilation; fall of the rebellion

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