Due to repeated terrorist attacks on the Manestin border checkpoint, Imperial Germane forces were sent to Arstrotzka after a proposal/request made by Hauptsturmfuhrer Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon to increase security.

The proposal was made by Hauptsturmfuhrer Borealis, Captain of the IGEF, to increase Arstrotzkan security in East Manestin and hunt down any terrorists.

Order of battleEdit

  • Imperial Germane Forces - Arstrotzka
    • Ground Forces
      • 1st SS Infantry Battalion (mot.)
      • 2nd SS Infantry Battalion (mot.)
      • 3rd SS Infantry Battalion (mot.)
      • 4th SS Infantry Battalion (mechanized)
      • 5th Infantry Battalion
      • 6th Infantry Battalion (mechanized)
      • 7th Infantry Battalion (mechanized)
      • 8th Infantry Battalion
      • 9th Infantry Battalion
      • 1st Cavalry Battalion (heavy)
      • 2nd SS Cavalry Battalion (lt.)
      • 3rd Cavalry Battalion (lt.)
      • 4th Cavalry Battalion
      • 1st SS Panzergrenadier Battalion
      • 2nd SS Panzergrenadier Battalion
      • 3rd Panzergrenadier Battalion
      • 4th SS Panzergrenadier Battalion
      • 5th Panzergrenadier Battalion
      • 6th SS Panzergrenadier Battalion
      • 1st SS Panzer Battalion
      • 2nd Panzer Battalion
      • 3rd SS Panzer Battalion
      • 4th Panzer Battalion
      • 5th SS Panzer Battalion
    • Airborne Forces
      • 1st Fighter Corps
      • 2nd Bomber Corps
      • 3rd SS Fighter-Bomber Corps
      • 1st SS Parachute Battalion
      • 2nd SS Parachute Battalion
      • 3rd Parachute Battalion
      • 4th Parachute Battalion
    • Naval Forces
      • Reichsmarine Arstrotzka Fleet
        • Imperial Germane aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin
        • Imperial Germane aircraft carrier Wilhelm II
        • Imperial Germane aircraft carrier Marepitz
        • Imperial Germane aircraft carrier Bismareck
        • Imperial Germane battleship Bismareck
        • Imperial Germane battleship Prinz Neighgen
        • Imperial Germane battleship Deutschneigh
        • Imperial Germane battleship Admiral Hayper
        • Imperial Germane battleship Scharnmarest
        • Imperial Germane battleship Gneighsenau
        • Imperial Germane battleship Schleswhine-Haystein
        • Imperial Germane battleship Wilhelm III
        • Imperial Germane battleship Marelin

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