Imperial Germane Expeditionary Force
Country Template:FlagGermaneEmpire Germane Empire
Branch Template:FlagReichswher Reichswehr
Type Expeditionary combined-arms force
Role Three-mission directives
  • Breakthrough and exploitation in deep operations
  • Breakthrough and exploitations in expeditionary warfare and expeditionary maneuver warfare
  • Capture and/or of artifacts
Size 38 divisions and many minor units at its peak
  • Panzer
  • Panzergrenadier
  • Cavalry
  • Infantry
  • Mounted Infantry
  • Police
  • Naval Infantry
  • Fallschirmjaeger
  • Luftlande
  • Sturmtruppen
Garrison/HQ Imperial Germane Garrison Borealis, Marelin, Germane Empire
Motto "We Shall Secure"
Colors Gray and black (IGEF colors)

Black, white, and red

March "Viva la Vida"
General of the Expeditionary Force Template:FlagReichswehr Generaloberst Dimanetri Topohoof
Colonels within the IGEF Template:FlagReichswehr Oberst Dimanetri Krienovsky

Template:FlagReichswehr Oberst Dimanetri Zelorov

Template:FlagWaffen-SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon

Template:FlagWaffen-SS Obersturmfuhrer Ushanka Mosin Starkovsky

Gray compass-rose logo on an Iron Cross
The Imperial Germane Expeditionary Force is the expeditionary warfare (and expeditionary maneuver warfare) branch of the Reichswehr. It was headed by Generaloberst Dimanetri Topohoof and captained by Hauptsturmfuhrer Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon.

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