Hurricane Cypher Was a category 5 Hurricane that was en route to Shore City Florida on August 13th, 2014, durin the United Nazi War's Final Years. The storm took an unexpected turn into the Caribbean after passing over both Haiti and Puerto Rico, entering Northward towards Shore city from the south, and towards the Hor Sound. The storm was so powerful that heavy rains was already pounding shore city, as soon as August 12th ended, the heavy winds however didn't turn up until 2 hours later. The two old world war 2 Super ships that were also considered by the United Nations to be known as the Queens of the Ocean were engaged with one another during this violent storm at Hor Sound. Before the large engagement the Prinz Eugen, was chased by the Bismarck towards Ocean Canyon Reef, where she traps her in the process. Despite the hectic waves and heavy winds mixed with rain and hail, the Prinz Eugen manages to sink Bismarck during the engagement, but took heavy damaged from the bad weather and pounding of the ocean. The Storm seized unexpectedly after reaching Shore City.

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