Horace Rivera/Godzilla 2000
Rivera 2000
Born: August 2nd, 1956
Died: July 25th, 2212
Gender: Male
Toho Years: 1952-2002
Voice Actor:


Love Interest:
First Appearence: December 7th, 2006

Godzilla 2000 A.K.A. Horace Rivera Is one of the main Protagonists of the Toho Series and is considered to be the oldest one when it comes to Israel. Although he is partially a real hot head he shows pure heart over his allies and even to Israel. 

Original Rivera died on June 4th, 2045, leaving Grant Calliope too create a Genitic Clone Copy of the Monster 6 Months after. Clone Rivera died on July 25th, 2212, during the Third Era of the Galactic War, but was rebooted once again by Grant Calliope on April 7th, 2214.

Personality Edit

Rivera has the Personality of a Hot Headed Volcano and would often erupt when Friends of his are In Danger. He harbors mostly a lack of Care ever since the death Of Jade Rivera his Human Adopted Mother In September 3rd, 2001. Despite Rivera's major Anger Issues he dose seem to get along very well with Israel Willoughby and his girlfriend Yori Yamanuchi, the only time Rivera would erupt at Israel is when Israel attempts to either tick him off on Purpose or just annoy the hell out of him. Rivera's Attitude worsens When he First meets Mandy In Season 2 Episode New Comer, and eventually is placed As her partner which says in the End Credits that he indeed did not take it very well, and would always have to now rely on Israel and Yori from Comfort in order to survive Mandy's wrath despite her being just a normal human and him being 400 Stories In Height.

Rivera's Hot Headed Anger problems are expected to improve In During the Middle or the end Of Season 2 where he would get a long better with Israel and other Monsters without yellin at them or responding with Deadly force like he always has been doin for the past 39 Years.

Shadow WarEdit

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The FS7 Star War Edit

The Siege of Equestria...2172-2175Edit

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Operation Night SorisEdit

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The Soris Tower is Mentioned after the Battle of MFE, and FS7 android gave it's position a way, while on a fight in Equestria. Rivera heard and stowed away on the RHM Brail that was scheduled to depart from FS7 occupied Canterlot, and enter through warp space back to Planet Rivera.

On April 13th, 2173, Rivera entered The Building to Gain access To the files of The R.F.F.S.7.'s Files. It was a dark and stormy night, Rivera used one of the Stryker's that were heading into the main Parking lot as a way in. The Tower was well guarded, for unknown reasons. After knocking out several FS7 forces, Rivera made his way into the Lobby. Where he managed to take out another amount of guards in the Vicinity. He attempted to use the Elevators to get to the top floors, after following the buildings schematics which was displayed by Hollow shot by one of the FS7 Guards, revealing the location of the Data that he is trying to Retrieve. He soon discovers that the FS7 deactivate the Elevators, at night, and must now try and locate the controls to reactivate them. He found the security room, in just seconds revealing it to be behind a large thick laser proof Glass, and activated the Elevators, as well as shutting off the Offices Laser Trip wires which would cause a problem in future references.

After reaching the office level, the Spying Millennium Kauji, made his way through much of the computers, downloading what ever he can, as well as hopping that a human thumb drive would work on Riverian computers. After moving around the towers Offices, Rivera Than by passes a security lock and enters the Atrium, where he discovers another security room in the area. Hopping to contact Equestria, Rivera enters the second half of the offices on the other side of the Atrium, and makes his way towards the Security room while avoiding Auto MG.42's on the ceilings, fixed with laser sightings as a point of vision. Rivera entered the control room, and attended to try and contact Equestria, only to receive no luck. He than discovered that he was 90,000,000 Light Years from both the Universe of Harmony and Earth themselves, realizing the Situation on why he couldn't get a hold of any one. He had no Idea, that Plane Rivera would be that far out and considered them to be cowards.

Afterwards he than enters an Exterior Door and winds up on the balconning. While slowly making his way to the other side, he nearly avoids a patrolling Raider Dropship, moving around the tower. After a narrow escape, Rivera, than climbs on to the Exterior Elevators in hopes to gain access to the upper floors. Just the sight of Rivera surface down below frightened him as well. After reaching the doors, a vent was right above it, allowing Rivera to enter and arrive inside the War Sector. Rivera conducted another search throughtout the area, and managed to enter one of the briefing rooms, just to the right of the closet where he just entered from the vent on the ceiling, and got out of. Rivera sent in a small picture of the Main monitor of the briefing room, despite it being pitched black with only the Monitor, and a couple of light structures on the walls, providing light. As soon as he snapped his evidence he exited the Briefing room, and entered out into the dome just outside, where he later discovered, several FS7 Guns on display, inside well constructed glass. He enters another room and by passes another lock allowing him entry, into Highland's Office, revealing about 6 Windows to the Left, Center, and To the right of the rim of the Tower. He than saw a modle of the Tower, and decided to snap a picture of it as well. After which Rivera hacked Highland's main computer, and hoped to find out what the FS7 planned on doing to Equestria. It was from here that he discovered that the FS7 Had Invaded Earth first in 2164, and that Equestria was only being targeted because of the race being Ponies.

The System was locked which prevented Rivera, from downloading the data, which caused him to right it down. The sound of a Raider caught his attention causing him to hide behind the desk as the Drop ship's High beams scanned the offices, Rivera diverted his Movements, than the Raider disappeared out of sight from behind the wall. Realizing that he is outta of time, Rivera. Leaves the Executive, floor but is finally spotted by another dropship. The building is locked down, causing Rivera to move up wards toward the roof. Rivera destroys a couple of FS7 forces in the area before Hijacking a Raider Dropship, and escaping the Tower. Rivera than activated the Portal and ended up Back in front of the World of Harmony. After wards the Tower was locked down tightly with more guards inside, rather than outside.

Imprisonment At Fort BelgumEdit

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Rivera like all other unidentified soldiers ended up being captured and forced to surrender at North East Equestria during the Battle of Steedland, in June 2175. They are transported to prisoner-of-war Newblar Outpost, just below FS7 Occupied Cloudsdale. When they enter, they discover a former comrade, named Neela Lotta, who explains the grim realities of daily existence in the camp – primarily the lack of shelter, clean water, and regular food supplies. She also states the danger of FS7 Guards who would often torment the Pegasus, even going as far as to Skinning them alive for no apparent reason.

With every able-bodied men required for fighting, FS7 Androids and Reprise Fighters are used as guards. At one watch tower, manned by Shark Sniper guards, an unknown soldier offers money for some water. He is instructed to step over the "dead line" fence and approach the watch tower to trade, which contradicts the rules of the camp. But reluctantly, compelled by need, the soldier steps over the line, and (in a macabre type of game) the Shark Marksmen shoots him dead.

Rivera's Torment is all but to the beginning, as he tries to ally himself with his old friend Neela, and help them by working on their tunnel under the thick Steel walls. Eventually it is complete, but one Pony tries to inform the guards, in hope of receiving a reward. He is captured and "TT" (meaning tunnel traitor) is cut into his forehead as a warning. The escape is attempted one night, and all goes well until the last man is spotted and shot, and all of Cloudsdale is unleashed. In a very short time, most escapees are back in the camp and are hanged, by there wings as punishment, on large hooks.

The situation with the FS7 eventually becomes unbearable, as group after group of new Ponies are targeted upon arrival, one being Rainbow Dash, who was just captured 2 days ago during Princess Celestia's last stand at Stalliongrad. Rivera is relieved to see Rainbow Dash again, for he also discovered that the Cyan Pegasus had been looking all over for him. By April 4th, 2174, the FS7 Brutal actions began to take a turn for the worst, and Rivera couldn't bare to see any more pain and suffering. Despite Rainbow Dash's pleas not to do anything risky, He rallies support from the disparate groups, and within minutes hundreds of his fellow comrades are charging the FS7's brutal barracks outside the Prison sectors. A massive and deadly fight ensues.

In the end the Guards are beaten, stolen goods are redistributed to their owners, but many want them all hanged outright. Unfortunately things took an unexpected turn when the air raid sirens sounded off, and a large battle was taking place in the skies above clouds dale, these brutal antics soon forced the prisoners to flee back into walls for cover. As the air raid won in FS7 victory, the guards, were later shot one by one, by the prisoners, despite this massive victory, more guards arrived, and began to launch a massacre, on the prisoners, this antic forced them to leave and retreat back into there walls, of the Prison Stadium, where they were barricaded, and threatened if another uprising goes up, that they will not hesitate, to enter the stadium in force along with Stryker APC's and slaugher every last one of the Ponies.

Rivera however grieved, when he found out Neela had just become one of the members of the Ponies who had died in the Belgium Massacre, and spent the rest of his life in sorrow, despite Rainbow Dash doing whatever she can to comfort him. As winter approached the cold reality of starvation, and lack of sanitation or medical care, begins to set in as emaciation, dysentery, scurvy, and fever takes its toll, causing many of the Ponies to die. Despite these hectic conditions, Rivera began to slowly develop a high fever, from lack of food, and water. Rainbow Dash began to sacrifice every one of the foods, and waters in her saddle bags in hopes of keeping him alive. Just than a new group of UEF soldiers than entered the Fort and were greeted warmly, by Rainbow Dash, only to learn that Ponyville was re captured, along with 78% Of Equestria, and that the two Princess were now reinforced by both the Universal Earth Alliance, and the United Earth Federation Fleet. This sparked joy into all of the Pegasus in the fort, but some had doubts that they were going to live long to be free.

Rainbow Dash hoped to keep comforting Rivera, telling him that they will soon be free, but Rivera replied "Canterlot is on the ground, and we're in the sky..." Rainbow Dash eventually just began to shield Rivera's sick body with her wing against the rain, and began to prey that Celestia, and Grant Calliope would arrive here in time. On December 24th, 2175 the pounding of guns grew louder, and Rivera was woken up by the sounds of war, that was coming directly towards Cloudsdale. Rainbow Dash grabbed hold of him and moved him to shelter, where the rest of the Prisoners, did as well. after 7 hours, everything was silent. The Prisoners, eventually Rivera, Rainbow Dash, and the other prisoners, slowly got back out into the the skylight, only to see the stadium in ruins, along with several U.E.A Valor drop ships searching the skies, in which to Rivera, was a complete surprise, for in the last 2 years it was Raiders, patrolling those skies. Rivera, was than brought out from the ruins of Fort Belgium, where he was reunited with Princess Luna, who was honered to see that he was alive. After spending about 2 months in the hospital, with endless visits, from Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, Rivera was than ready and willing to fight again.

Operation EarthEdit

The New Earth Theater Edit

Battle Of SierraEdit


Rivera Died On July 25th, 2212 During the Attack On the FS7 Chaos Star Weapons Lab In the Galactic Mountains on the Surface Of Sierra, during Earth's Entry into the Machine Universe of Hora in the Early 24th Century, where he is shot in the left eye and twice in the arm by FS7 Forces. This is when Rivera and New Harrison try to rescue half of Neion Squad, including Rivera. After the incident, Rivera Is injured during the intense fire fight and makes it outside but falls to the ground and passes out. Rainbow Dash found that Rivera had been watched from a sniper in the ruins, which allowed him to get shot 3 times. He is aided by Star Beam to the landing platform where he dies just as the rescue Valor Dropship arrives. Rainbow Dash rushes to her Lovers side and screams for a medic. She is than shown with weeping over him as Rivera dies in her arms, from severe damage from enemy fire.

Rivera's death later caused Rainbow Dash to go Insane throughout the rest of the war killing any FS7 In her path, showing no mercy to neither of the machines. Grant stated in his Journal that she had a hunger for blood on the one who founded the FS7 In the first place and cut his head off.

Relationships Edit


Israel (Godzilla 91)Edit


Sicke Em Up Cow Monster!

Applejack holding Rivera, hostage with Hypno Gun... Refusing for him too leave her farm...

Rivera would often consider Applejack as a small Bail Out, due too his greediness in which Rivera would most of the time end up in dept. Dispite these intrustions, Applejack no longer seems too care that she is being used, just for work for it is shown In New Godzilla Team SS, that she seems too really enjoy Rivera's company alot, despite him sometimes accidently causing destruction too the farm.

Applejack is very stricken on Rivera's safety, and would sometimes, refuse for him too return too either, Ponyville, or Cloudsdale, depending on which home Rivera is residing in. Applejack once hypnotized Rivera, in an attempt too get him too stay with her, but the plan back fired, when Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle interfered destroying the weapon known as the hypno Gun, despite the Incident, Rivera never once found out that It was Applejack who was controlling him at the time of the Incident.

Applejack would often never show aggressive, and violent tantrums, against Rivera. The only time Applejack lost her temper against Rivera, was the day he tricked her into thinking he was being controlled by a cursed artifact. Rivera had the laugh but Applejack was instead seeing red, and chased him all 

He Digs Me

Rivera and Applejack at Dragon Coast... April 2nd, 2037...

around the barn, until he was able too take off and retreat back too Cloudsdale avoiding a pounding from her powerful Bucking. Rivera and Applejack also are known too be fund of the same things, Rivera enjoys the water, more than ever, and Applejack enjoys the beach getting a tan on her orange coat. Rivera once was stomping down the beachs of Dragon Coast until Applejack spotted him. Rivera looked down and was quite amazed too see the mare lying down in a very sexy manner, like those of an actual human girl.

Rivera, eyes widened as Applejack floated on her raft, and held up a full bottle of Sun Tan Lotion, where she immediately asked if he would be so kind enough too rub some on her back. Rivera just stood there stuck in a daze until he finally snaps out of his senss and would say his famous quote "What the hell makes me so Attractive?" After which Rivera would faint by falling face first into the water, where Applejack would giggle in a flirty way, and say "That Cow Monster so Digs Me."

Twilight SparkleEdit

I'm Not A Pony

Rivera too the Left, Twilight Sparkle too the Right...

According to Legendarywerewolf206 Twilight Sparkle was known to have the exact same personality as she had during the show Friendship is magic. He also states that despite being a very young Mare, she has a huge crush on Rivera and secret rivalries, with Princess Luna, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash who also harbor feelings as well. Her crush is first discovered in the Second Episode of the Seven Seals known as night shall rise again, where she was shown too blush after reading pages on Nightmare Darkness while Rivera was still a sleep. The second version of her crushed was later discovered when Rivera would often accidently sleep ontop of her mistaking her back for a pillow.

Her feelings are so strong for she is shown too not even try and force him off, but seems too enjoy every little bit of it. She would often respond too these incidents, by either kissing Rivera, in the cheek while he is sleeping or levitaing a blanket while using her magic and placing it right ontop of Rivera, so that way he dosen't catch a cold. Twilight Sparkle's relationship with Rivera, is similar to Rivera's relationshio with Princess Luna, the only flaw in there relationship is, that Twilight would often worry too much for Rivera; safety. The first signs of these would often be when Rivera doesn't return too the library, when he is supposed too.

Rivera states that he could be only 1 minute late, and she'll panic. Twilight also consumes a Vengeful side for when Rivera, was being played with during his wedding with Princess Luna by Queen Chlyrisa, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack, attempted too smash the queen, but the one who did most damaged and had the most anger, was Twilight Sparkle. Despite the draw backs, Twilight Sparkle harbors the same over protectiveness as Rainbow Dash, and Applejack.

Twilight Sparkle met Rivera, and the rest of Team Kauji about 20 hours after their arrival in Equestria by Space Godzilla, and at first had neutral feelings for him, but evenutally after Rivera and Godzilla Team were known to not have any place to live in Equestria Twilight Sparkle was the first one to reveal it, automatically allowing Rivera to live with her and Spike, while Godzilla resided with Rarity, Mecha King Ghidorah, with Fluttershy, Mandy, with Applejack, and Israel with Pinkie Pie.

Although her feelings for Rivera were still low, Twilight Sparkle's feelings began to slowly elevate as Rivera had been spending the nights with her, but the first sign of newly developed feelings were shown in Night Shall rise again, when Twilight Sparkle became embarrassed from reading outloud while Rivera was sleeping and waking him from his slumber.

The second version of her crush was later discovered in Godzilla Team's First Hearts Over Hooves day when Twilight Sparkle gave Rivera a Heart for the holiday, all though she claimed it was from another Mare to him, it was later revealed that it was really from her.

Other small hints of Twilight's crush are shown as well such as episode Slumber When Rivera would often accidently fall asleep ontop of her mistaking her for a pillow.

Another portion is shown when her small crush is almost revealed by Spike in Episode Greed, where Spike would often tease Twilight on her feelings, that would often receive him with either a hoof over the mouth, or a smack in the back of the head, in order for Twilight to keep him quiet.

Princess LunaEdit

Rainbow DashEdit

Do I look Pretty when I'm Wet

Rivera staring surprisingly at Rainbow Dash who is soaked...She seems too enjoy him looking at her.

Death AvertionEdit


The death of Horace Rivera was temporary, as Calliope have captured a Torrasque, a special strain used by the FS7. With this, Admiral Calliope can put his brain into the latter's head. He was given to Rainbow Dash, afterwards until they can figure out a way to reconstruct his body. The situation on the reconstruction of Horace Rivera's body was taking for almost two months or days to finish it.

Fate StatusEdit


  • It is possible that during the Galactic War, Rivera's death was averted, from an Unknown source weeks later...
  • Rivera along side New Harrison were the only rouge Continentals against there own race and body....
  • The situation of Rivera being reinconstructed is Unknown, It was stated by Scarlet Marine that his body was reconstructed in 2 Months, it is unknown what became of Rivera after that...