Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz

The current flag of the UEF

The United Earth Federation was an interstellar federation located on the New Earth. The UEF was born out of the third remnants of the United League Federation after defeating the ULF and rescue the officers of the USE, NRD, WLF, PLF, and Global Shadow.


Following the rescue of important officers of their respective governments, the remnants began to grow and become an economic power within the New Earth. They would soon turn the world into the second Earth as the planets for every governments and organizations and by the year 2167 the UEF was formed and New Manhattan becomes its capital, and was the governing body of the Federation.


During the UEF's expansion, their newly-found allies came in to control the world alongside their new ally. After completing the colonization, the Allied Coalition Directorate was formed by the UEF government. However, the defense of the New Earth were still in progress, but the ACD - under Calliope's control - were sending their fleets for martial defenses.


The only thing that matters was the Federation of Interstellar Planets that wants the "enemies" destroyed. However, the UEF themselves has defeated the FIP an convinces them that the UEF had the same objectives - to preserve peace throughout the Universe. This caused the FIP to join the ACD.

ACD-Unknown WarEdit

Main article: Capture of Outpost Magenta

The ACD was alarmed that one of their outposts in the planet Char was raided by unknown military forces. While none of the interstellar governments didn't do it, Admiral Calliope was insisted to send his troops down there. However, the troops returned with reports that the unknown military forces were humans that are wearing different armors, using XM8-like assault rifles, and several other weapons. This caused Admiral Calliope frustrated as the reports mentions that one of the security troopers was shot. This caused Admiral Calliope to establish the UEF Military Special Forces - consisted of soldiers armed with everything. The special forces themselves wore the US Marines' jungle camouflage and the US Armed Forces' T-51b power armor and helmets. Their weapons was consisted of Tesla Cannons, Ricochet Rifles, XM285 Assault Rifles, Mini-Uzis, Miniguns, 10-capacity Rocket Launchers, and other weapons. The military sent them to Outpost Magenta where it was taken controlled by unknown military forces.

Main article: Battle of Outpost Magenta

The Special Forces' division, the 4th Marines - led by Grant Dimitri Victor Sherman - led the attack against the unknown with huge success. With the outpost reclaimed, ACD forces took control of the outpost to expand its borders.

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