Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope

Birth name

Charles de le Calliope


  • Kelly
  • Admiral DuGalle

Birth date

October 14

Birth place

Satory, France


Timeline 1

Timeline 2 and Timeline 3


Timeline 1

Timeline 2 and Timeline 3

Family and relatives


Timeline 1

Timeline 2 and Timeline 3


Timeline 1

Timeline 2 and Timeline 3

  • Christianity

Favorites, hobbies, interests, etc.



  • Badminton player




Expeditionary Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope, often nicknamed as Admiral DuGalle and The Brilliant and Talented Military Leader Admiral DuGalle, was the commander-in-chief, possibly superior, supreme or penultimate, of the United Earth Directorate armed forces. Grant was beginning an evacuation due to Earth's destruction by the Galactic Empire. Though the admiral himself asks Admiral Vassily Aleksander Petrenko, his second-in-command and captain of the UED Flagship/D.S.S. Aleksander, to go to Equestria. He brought in morereinforcements as he was promised. He was, however, able to support but was confronted by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, the UED itself, does not take hostile action. He was befriended by Celestia and Luna, due to his return of saying "I Shall Return", a reference to General Douglas MacArthur's quote. They began mass producing the AMTs for safety protection, but the admiral himself, has a reputation for using Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge Defensive Buildings, which makes all nervous, too nervous. He built a UED/US Recon base for basic intellegence, supplies and for recon. In the alternative timeline aka the Modern TGWDL, he was notified by Major Rikov Petrov Budenny that the Universal Generation has invaded the Earths and later knows about the World of Harmony.


His biography shows the same as found in trivia, however he has white skin, black eyes, black hair, and has Gerard DuGalle's 19-years old face but was changed into which resembles Konstantin Petrovich, Captain of the Russian Representative Military Honorary Guard Band due to the newest creation on this wiki. Grant Calliope's portrait was, however, used Gerard DuGalle's portrait, note that DuGalle's portrait was a ghost.


Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope/Story

Liberation of the Known WorldEdit

He has won many battles, notably saying that he "won thirty battle over the top of the Fourth Reich. Even now, the world's now war was over." Stating that he had won the war.

The War Horse Day PageantEdit

Main article: The War Horse Day Pageant



  • He seems to have a hatred for The Goddess, which was The Great and Powerful Trixie, the admiral always gets disturbed while driving in his HUMVEE, when he was at Ponyville, he had his HUMVEE hit, almost hit. He seems to yell the words "Hey! That wasn't so nice about destroying MY HUMVEE! So get the heck out of my HUMVEE."
    • He always gets an eye on The Great and Powerful Trixie while driving, and also, gets a heart attack because of being shocked.
  • He seems he got some kind of strange appearances that his battlecruisers made.
    • Possibly he built the Earth-class Battlecruiser, Earth-class was a combination of the Dominion Minoteur-class and the UED unknown class battlecruisers. However, he renamed it to Storm-class, which makes his minds VERY switched. He calls it the DSS or Directorate Storm Ship Aleksander. However, he doesn't want all know about his Storm ship, so he calls it Directorate Star Ship.
  • When in calm state, he seems to handle every enemies in his normal form, but while gone berserk, a puff of dark clouds going up causing Grant have a right-eyed camera.
  • He is the only commander who also hates Winters, Terran Dominion Emperor Arcturus Mengsk, The Goddess/The Great and Powerful Trixie, and the Undead ponies.
  • Budotz was one of the Expeditionary Commander's horrifying nightmare. He was heard by saying "I FUCKING HATE BUDOTZ!" Grant was also heard by saying random words, like "Curse you Budotz! You will DIE! SHRILL!!!!!", "Trixie Sparkle, Celestia, Luna, Twilight Sparkle, get rid of that horrifying song Budotz! If not, i will let y'all watch the entire series of Popolocrois 2003!", "Littlepip, Velvet Remedy, SteelHooves, plant a C4 on that Budotz!", "Budotz, i hate you. It was all your stupid ideas to KILL US OFF! I'll kick you off.", heard while singing, Italics shows Trixie's, while Bold was Grant's "An hour or two ago, we took a nice sleighride. Little did we know, Budotz was inside! The meatspin tries to stop, and hunk a tops of song! So we tripped its head off, threw it out, and then run over it! HEY! It's the song from Zombie Bells, by A Very Zombie Christmas.
    Call of Duty Black Ops- Zombie Bells (Ft02:36

    Call of Duty Black Ops- Zombie Bells (Ft. Black Ops Cast)

    Zombie Bells, by A Very Zombie Christmas

  • He always loves Internet Cafes, the one he loves to go there.
  • His role was also a Surveillance officer, he was given operations to see out there.
  • The 19-years old Grant appeas to have a problem, The Goddess has a relationship on the surveillancer, which causes him some troubles.
    • Which also made him go barricaded himself in his quarters.
  • The admiral himself also doesn't go to The Grand Galloping Gala while in his young form and still wearing Heinrich Amsel and Doctor Edward Richtofen's model (Possibly wearing Admiral Gerard DuGalle's), and also, in his alicorn form, which he states that it was too boring. And some trouble by Twilight's five friends (Twilight was the only pony who didn't make trouble) was causing him to much problems, which forced him to go to the Gala and saying the word "Oi, Suzy!". A reference to MacMillan's word. He also said that the Gala worths him some multiple troubles, causing the Admiral's head to have a headache. He also stops the chaos by using a pistol, or using a horn.
    • Grant made a reference to Job Jacob Smith who tries to sleep because of Randall's noisy things, while Admiral Grant in his office caused him to scream while asleep due to his alarm went off because of noises outside.
    • Also, his pistol appears to be an M9, or a USP.45 but appears to have the firing sound of the Desert Eagle. This might be for a dramatic effect.
  • DuGalle SC1 HeadAnim1


    He seems to be nicknamed Admiral DuGalle due to Admiral Gerard DuGalle's portrait.
  • His new rank was Navy Admiral, but now in the modern TGWDL, his rank is Expeditionary Admiral.
  • The Navy Admiral himself has a Waffen-SS, abbreviation of the Protection Squad. This protection force was the Foreign or Federal Monarchist/Loyalists Party Black Guards, a force which made him protected in his Reichstag, just north of PonyVille.
  • Young Admiral Close-up

    Admiral Calliope's Alicorn form, aka Young Admiral

    He has a transformation that can turn him into Young Admiral, an alicorn and a reference to Scarlet's OC.
  • He has another name, Grant V. Sherman, he's the Private and Chief Warrant Commander Five of MARFOREQ.
  • He is the only Admiral to be strucked by a heart attack, the reason why is that he ate too much foods, watching films, and suddenly, fell down when some made a surprise party for him.
  • He is the only character to have a such nickname, The Brilliant and Talented Military Leader Admiral DuGalle, the first being The Great and Powerful Trixie.
  • He is the only person to have a whole full name, the other being Hermann Fegelein.
  • He seems to like every My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes and appears to be a brony.
  • His face seems to resemble Gerard Dugalle, but in combat, Sabre's face was used. He seems to be 19-years old.
    • However, the New Timeline made the appearance of Calliope and Sherman. He also loses his transformation.
  • He is the only one who caused a massacre and an armageddon, inflicting the FS7 massive and annihilating casualties. In this TGWDL Interview, Calliope was only known as a soldier - armed with his Morita Assault Rifle and his Flamethrower - and the characters are:
  1. Vassily Aleksander Petrenko: "He is a destroyer... but that thing... it scares us."
  2. Dictator Horace Highland Roran: "He is the Armageddon and the Genocide of the Universal Generation - the weapon of Armageddon and Genocide the Universal Generation Are most Loyal too."
  3. General Heinrich Rudolph Absel: "He iz no good soldier. Zat thing, he's ze monster. One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lies behind that mask..... What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty?"
  4. Twilight Sparkle: "What monster could he do to them?"
  5. Princess Celestia: "With Calliope missing, that monster.... it scares all of Equestria...."
  6. Princess Luna: "He just annihilated and destroyed all androids in Equestria, and he'll be coming..."
    • Also, when the 'Destroyer' killed an FS7 soldier that was attempting to kill her, Celestia herself removed the mask, revealing to be what they all know - the leader of the Federation, Admiral Calliope.
  • He is the only one who caused casualties on the FS7. When the Allied Coalition officers what have he done, Calliope replied that he "is crippling the FS7's war machine." This most likely means that he cripples them all.
  • He owns some files about military projects and also owns a British-made clock similar to the one from the 1998 video game Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds.

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