Grant Victor Sherman
539px-Sabre no mask
Nickname(s) Ostwind (Marine trooper)
Banshee (Banshee-class aircraft pilot)

Sabre (Marine Trooper)

Appears in World War III

Colonization First Contact
Equestrian Civil War
Pony Space
Fallout Equestria

Stargate War
Galactic War
Equestrian/Galactic Zombie War

Rank Private and Chief Warrant Commander Five
Affiliations UEF, MarForEq
Status Alive
Killed By Laughing
Birth October 14, 1996
Death Most likely laughing
Weapon M4A2 Grenadier w/ Holographic Sight, M240 w/ Hybrid Sight, Grip, and Heartbeat Sensor

Shermy's G36C of Great Destruction

Private and Chief Warrant Commander Five Grant Victor Sherman was the leader of the Marine Forces Equestria of the Seventh Battalion, 5th Military Brigade and Special Operations Command Forces. His "other" name was Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope. He has the same transformation as Calliope. He was seen during World War III.

Like Calliope, he loses his transformation in the Modern TGWDL.


  • He also appear as a Federal Marine, while in the Rodger Young. He, especially all of the crew of Calliope's Athena B-class DSS Alexander, were all turned into ponies, thus starting the My Little Starship Troopers: Friendship is Forever.
    • His appearance was the same as Young Admiral but with different color scheme.