Hiyarm (Occupied New England)
Occupied New England
Established: November 11th, 2011
Collapse: November 6th, 2014
Founders: Nazi Germany
Era: United Nazi War
Years Active: 2011-2014
Status: Disbanded...
Continent: North America, New England, U.S.A


Occupied New England Also known as The Occupied North East, is the Nazi Held part of the North Eastern United States. Despite several attempts to try and liberate the New England states from the North and the West, no military, has been able to make it Past Upstate New York back into New England, due to strong German defenses.

On the Second Year of the Occupation, Nazi Geramny Officialy renamed the entire North Eastern Seaboard of New England, into Hiyarm.

History Edit

The Blitz Edit

Main article: The Blitz

The SS Invasion of New England would ended up being caused due too an attack caused on November 8th. On November 9th, 2011. Operation Swordfish was triggered as soon as the SS first Army invaded and occupied the small town of Kar, in Main, which would later be followed up by a large invasion force streching from New Jersey all the way, too Main.

The United Alliance of Bush's Fans were enjoying a nice relaxing rest in their hang out while listening to Kate Bush's Love And Anger song, They were located In the Carol Mountains In western Main in the small Russian American town of Kar, just 20 Miles from the boarder of New Hampshire.

Their peaceful relaxation is later interrupted by an attacking Nazi Invasion that apparently bursted into the Manor shooting the whole place up. As the terrified ran they began to flee there homes along with their parents, radios, and collections of their Kate Bush fan materials. Hours later, a large number of German forces arrived in the town and began to shoot anyone who was in there path. A tank later arrived as well also making the panic become even more out of control. Some of the U.A.B.F died trying to stop the German Advance, mostly from rifles that they bought online, or ones that their grandparents used to use since WWII. A Half Track soon arrived and began to drop off more German reinforcements, the U.A.B.F now knowing that Kar is lost began to flee into the Jord Fields that was located to the South West, about 4 miles away.

Main was the first State to come Under Nazi occupation in early noon, after the fall of Kar, several hours earlier. The Germans managed to enter the state and occupy it without much of a fight, mostly due to the fact, that the U.A.B.F has been driven out of her earlier. The Nazi managed to secure the boarders overrunning New Hampshire to the south as well as much of the Western New England States and much of the southern States, stretching all the way to New Jersey, giving the Germans a large stepping stone on American soil.

After the victory at Jord against the counter attacking National Guards men, the Germans managed to occupy 3 States in just a matter of minutes, the ones are known to be referred to the states that were described above. New Jersey was the 2nd, State to Fall under Nazi Occupation, but was also known to be a second Manhattan, only with bigger and more vast terrain. The state was crawling with Mobs, Gangsters, U.A.B.F, and many World War II Veterans who were willing to fight for their safety of their home state. The State of New Jersey was known to be hit the hardest when it came to the air raids, and mirly 89% Of cites and towns around the state have been shelled to the ground.

New Jersey was known to have Mafia mobs and a couple of U.A.B.F forces in the State, that were attempting to fight off the Nazi Invaders. Despite much of their heroic efforts the Mobs of the State Of New Jersey were exterminated, by Germans leaving the U.A.B.F garrison in that region to fend for themselves. After the fall of Manhattan the SS crossed the Hudson on both landing craft, and the George Washington Bridge, entering Teanek New Jersey and taking over the city with resistance from Gangs and Italian Mobsters. The Germans proved to be more superior against the Mobsters and easily overran their positions, even going as far as to Invading their own bars, homes, and places where they chill out. The fall of Teanek New Jersey opened up the road to the rest of New Jersey which fell 3 hours later, surrounding the small U.A.B.F Garrison in the state, with no way of escaping the land.

New Jersey was also known to be the first major Region, of the United Nazi War Video Game , showing the Player on their way back from Antlantic City to Teaneck, to get to Manhattan Island. From their the Player roams through the ruins of Teaneck until he reaches a boat and crosses over to Manhattan.

Manhattan was known to be a real tough nut to crack to the SS Invasion. The cities tight streets made it hard to maneuver around with cars, and city ruins blocking the roads. Germans managed to attack and occupy old town all the way to Union Square, they even sent a large force into New Jersey across the Hudson, and from across the Bridge, to aide the German Invasion of New Jersey that was taking a turn down from Mafia, and U.A.B.F. The Germans was later stalled by National Guards men at mid town, who managed to beat back several of their attacks in the last 4 hours, since the fall of the Bronx. The Germans fell back to Union Square, where they were ordered by Buford, to hold their position until the tanks could get ashore and assist them in the Invasion. The National Guard seeing a chance to strike armed their bayonets on both their M16 rifles, and M1 grand rifles and launched a deadly charged into the German side of the city. Despite the heavy casualties from MG.34 fire, the National guards men managed to hammer their way into the Germans attacking them with all of their power and will.

The National Guard began to gain the upper hand at first pushing the Germans back several blocks giving them time to set up fortifications in the ruins of the cities skyscrapers. At around 7:28Pm, the Germans counter attacked and attempted to reclaim the square. They were beaten back several times from the National Guards forces who were well intrenched in the ruble of the city. At around 7:34 the Tigers were finally ashore and managed to shell the National guard entrenchments allowing the Germans to over run the defenders and occupy the square, sending the National Guard retreating to Central Park, which would fall hours later, leading to the whole city, at around 11:39Pm.

Manhattan was the final portion of New England to come Under Nazi Occupation on November 10th. After the Island's fall About 99% Of New England had fallen under Nazi control leaving only Boston the last independent city in New England, which would fall a day after on November 11th.

New England EvacuationEdit

Main article: The New England Evacuation

After Nazi Germany had conquered New York City On November 10th, 2011, they managed to trap the remaining state of New England, from all around, sending many Civilians fleeing back East towards Boston, overlooking the Atlantic planning on Escaping outta of the country by Boat, while another Bulk fled South into Maryland from New Jersey, and another headed North into Canada from Main, some even took up arms and fought their way west out of New England as well into the MidWest. Out a grand total of about 800,000 Citizens, only about 400 were able to make it out of New England, and into the Mid West. About 39 people died, along with another 600 captured by the Germans, on November 11th, the following day.

First Year of The OccupationEdit

21st Century DisposalEdit

Operation SS FreedomEdit

Main article: Operation SS Freedom

Arrival of EquipmentEdit

New SS Freedom DayEdit

Second Year of OccupationEdit

The Mir RebellionEdit

Main article: The Mir Rebellion

Operation Karl KonEdit

Jada Stand OffEdit

Independent City HoppinEdit

Third Year of OccupationEdit

The Collapse of HiyarmEdit

Transportation Edit




Communications Edit




Laws Edit

Occupied New England was given stricked Laws. A curfew was enforced in which no American citizen could walk the streets unless granted permission to do so by SS forces. Those who disobeyed the curfew, no matter how mild the offense, was shot on the spot by patrolling German soldiers.

A Night curfew was also started, that all U.S. citizens who are outside when given permission, must return to there homes at about 8:00Pm, other wise they would be arrested. Other strict laws across the States of New England, also contained a curfew, that a U.S citizen must be granted an ID, from the SS in order to leave New England.

The Germans likely forced the local populace to quarter them and took advantage of much of The Bronx's Dock Ways. The major roles of the New England Police Departments scattered throughout there states were stripped of its authority leaving all activities to be directed by Nazi Germany. The U-Boats from the Kriegsmarine also tightened its water ways.


The Sea WallEdit

Main article: The Aqua Line

Just as the Inland lines compose of Pill Boxes and other land based Defenses, the New England Coast Line, also known as The Sea Wall or the Aqua Line, consists of Strong Costal defenses, composing of large Bunkers, defense towers, Stationary Artillery, Rail Gun Emplacements, and Under Water Mines up to the hundreds stretching from South Jersey's shore line all the way to Main's Shore Line. The distance of the mines from the beaches of New England were known to be about 12 miles off the shore line in which prevented any vessel from arriving into the Occupied nation.

The only available gap in the mine field was between Long Island, and New Jersey, in which Nazi Vessels carrying supplies would take this route, while Submarines would swerve around the Mine fields off the coast of Maryland.

Each part of the Wall contains an entry way into the Beaches outside New England, in each state that are deeply defended by Guard Towers, Fences with Barb Wire and a large force of German Coastal Guards. Citizens who lived towards the sea, were not permitted to go beyond the Sea Wall, towards the beaches. Many of those who were caught on the beach (Who either snuck out beyond the walls, or fought his or her way out) were shot on the spot by either the Coastal Bunkers or MG.42 Nests on the hills overlooking the shore line.

Like the Inertia Line, the Aqua Lines also consist of Strong Thick Concrete Walls, that Join the Inertia's Inland Walls upon the line's ending at the coastline. The Walls are connected on the beaches of New England, and run from Southern New Jersey, all the way up to Main, entombing all of New England into a Fortress. However the Walls on the Shore line were known to be 32 inches lower than those of the Inland walls.

The Mountains and Hills on the Coastlines of New Engalnd provide a strong point for Nazi Artillery, and Rail Gun Encampments, in which were used during the Events of the Battle of Manhattan in 2014.

After Manhattan's Liberation the Sea Walls were breached allowing the United States Military to once again establish New York City once again, and use it as a staging area in the Liberation of New England, which would soon last until the early fall of 2014, finally bringing down Fortress New England.

By the end of the United Nazi War in 2015, the Walls surrounding New England, were dismantled, leaving only 4-5 Nazi Bunkers watching over the Coastline. The reason on why the Government left these Bunkers standing on their Eastern Sea Board remains entirely unknown.

The Inertia LineEdit

Main article: The Inertia Line

Unlike the Sea Wall, that guards the Coast of New England, Nazi Geramny developed stronger defenses Inland in the United States surrounding all of New England, preventing any other Military or fan militia from either entering or escaping occupied New England. The event of the line was known as the Inertia Line.

The Inertia Line Is a Line that separates Nazi Controlled New Jersey from Democratic Pennsylvania, during the United Nazi War. The Line Also separates New England by sectors from Southern New Jersey, all the Way North Too Main where both Lines Meet at the Atlantic Ocean. The United States, mapped out the line revealing it also too be on the sea as well, but only in a different name. The Line on land Separating New England from the rest of the United States, is known by Americans as the Inertial Line, while the one on the Sea is known as the Aqua Line, code named the Sea Wall.

The Inertia Line consists of large Fortifications, in which prevents any American from either entering, or Leaving New England. The defenses compose of Bunkers, Dragons Teeth, Thick concrete Walls, fences, Pill Boxes, Tanks, Half Tracks, Large numbers of SS soldiers, and Kubblewagons, along with MG.42's and Artillery, also. Americans are only allowed too pass this line if Granted permission by German Soldiers, Any American who was caught leavin this line without permission was shot on spot.

Any American who wishes too pass also, would have too be in a 1940's Automobile from the Second World War Era, other wise that person would be arrested, but this was highly unlikely mostly due too the fact of All 21st Century Equipment beins stripped from New England following The Blitz. Followin the Fall of Regal in 2012, the Inertia Line was reinforced, with more defenses which would later proove too be impossible too either enter or escape Occupied New England.

Trivia Edit

  • New England was the only region in the United States that Nazi Germany was able to occupy...
  • New England was the major hiding Region for Margarine Frank, during the German Civil War from 2004-2010, she was known too established 2 homes in Ford Town Upstate New York, before The Blitz in 2011...
  • New England was renamed during the Second year of the Nazi Occupation in 2012, by Nazi Forces, calling it Hyraim...
  • During the 21st Century Dump, Nazi Germany had stripped all of New England of all 21st Century, Vehicles, except for the cars, trucks and trains that were already destroyed, It is possible that the Nazi's kept these destroyed cars around as Trophies...
  • Joseph Goebbels, only visited New England once, on the Third Year of the Occupation in 2013, While Krebbs Visited 2 In 2012, and Hitler multiple times to about 3-5 times, It was later discovered 3 years after the Occupation that Hitler had been In New England more than any other Third Reich Dictator...
  • During the 3 Year Occupation, It was unknown who had command of all Nazi Forces in the States, It is possible that Hitler might have been the leader, but it is also possible that Joseph Goebbels, might have been the leader...
  • In the months after the Occupation, November 9th, became a new holiday...
  • Though All of New England Was Occupied In 2011, the United States Reclaimed much of It Including Tyrus, before Christmas, However In 2012, during The Nazi Counter Attack Nazi Germany Managed to Reclaim Tyrus along with a large portion Of Upstate New York, Only a Small Portion Of Upstate New York Was Unconquered, throughout the Remainder of the War...
  • It was discovered by the Americans during the Occupation in August 1st, 2012, that the City of Tyrus In Upstate New York was the Capital of Occupied New England...
  • During the Occupation, Even though Hitler, and the rest of the Third Reich were residing in Nazi Germany, Hitler had made multiple visits to New England in the year 2012, as well as Alfred Jodl, and Hans Krebs...
  • New England was known to Have more Nazi Forces than any where else in the world, most likely Europe, and Afghanistan...

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