Admiral Gerard DuGalle
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Commander-in-Chief of the UED Expeditionary Fleet (Formerly), Captain of the UED Flagship/D.S.S. Aleksander


Expeditionary Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope, Grand President Paffendorf Adolf Hitler Petrenkov, Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov


Admiral Gerard DuGalle was the commanding officer of the UED Expeditionary Fleet, he was Admiral Calliope's best officer.



DuGalle spent most of his life defending Earth from its enemies. At age of 17 and with countless victories to his credit, he was considered the greatest military leader within the United Powers League. However, when the United League Federation have caused friendly fire on every civilians, he noticed an American-now French boy, at the age of 10. He asked him what's his name, which is Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope. Admiral DuGalle and Vice Admiral Stukov have no other options but to adopt him, after Calliope's parents were killed in a crossfire. During that time, Calliope was considered a lieutenant. And by age of 24, Calliope became a General, however, Calliope said that he always liked to be an Admiral like DuGalle. The rank was given to Calliope's German friend, Heinrich Rudolph Absel, with the latter became a UED Admiral.

UED Exile to Korhal IVEdit

The UED Council and its armed forces were exiled by the United League Federation, which the ULF considered the UED as a threat, despite the UED's friendliness. Admiral Gerard DuGalle became Calliope's stepfather while Helena became Calliope's stepmother. With his stepson now on the ULF, David Johnson was considered the evil leader.

Return to EarthEdit

Admiral DuGalle and the UED Expeditionary Fleet have begun their return to Earth and begins to invade only to noticed that David Johnson was arrested by the ULF's vice president Grant David Johnson, with the help of Admiral Calliope and his friends. DuGalle thanked his stepson and all for arresting David Johnson. The UED Council and its armed forces still resides in Korhal IV. However, the UED Admiral Gerard DuGalle remains on Earth with his stepson.

Attack Of The R.F.F.S.7 (Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7)Edit

The return of the machines, the Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7 and its expeditionary fleets, begins the invasion Of Planet Earth. However, his stepson returned, only to know that the Rivera Federation then invades The Earth occupying one Continent after another, as well as them exterminating a large qualinty of the Human Population. Universal Earth Alliance General Saver and all were given a celebration, with the FS7's frst major Defeat In Arizona Of 2165..

FS7 Invasion of the World of HarmonyEdit

Despite the defeat of the FS7, a shard was seen floating in space, made by an unknown origin and captured it, only to found out that the shard has a language that isn't Human-made. This led to the discover of the World of Harmony by the FS7.

Battle of LiberationEdit

However, Admiral Calliope extremely cared about the ponies and his stepson, have organized a United Earth Directorate-similar government and an expeditionary force under Calliope's command. Admiral DuGalle and his friends have no other options but to assist them with everything they got. This led to the UEF Liberation of the World of Harmony by Admiral Calliope and was released on the date of May 11, 2175, on the exact same date the FS7 Were defeated in Manehattan.


  • He is the only one to kill one Gojira.
    • He and the others were involved in their deaths but was averted by Admiral Calliope, who shoots the Torrasque. The casualties was many injured.