G.r. Sub machine Gun...
G.r. Sub Machine Gun
The Grinder Rampant Is one of the most delicate Sub Machine Guns, in the Rivera Rangerian Arsenal.




Rivera Rangerain Forces...


40. Rounds Each Magazine


Rivera's Industries


  • Rangerain Ark Rifle (Four Horseman)
  • Grinder Rampent (Actual Name)
  • Sturmgewehr 44 (During World War II)
  • Sub Shot (Rivera Federation)
  • Sparta Rifle (Europodia)

Firing Rate:

550-600 rounds/min

Range Distance:


Continent Of Origin:



987,000,000BE - 4009

The G.R. Sub Machine Gun (Grinder Rampant) Was one of the first sub Machine Guns In the Rivera Federation and Rangerian Armies. The Sub machine gun was designed 2 days after The R.64 from Rivera's Industries On July 10th, Of 982,000,000BE and was a very effective machine gun at far range and at close range. The G.r. did not reach any of the future wars until the events of The Rain War, broke out. The G.r. was the key on helping the Rangerians In occupying the Continent Of Hottoro after a major wet and destructive war. It also proved to be most valuable against the Rivera Federation In both the Agile and War Of 1211. During the Agile War, The G.r. was useful in terrains such as city warfare and Hill Warfare, Because of these success the against the Rivera Federation Sub machine Gun the Han 21, It was discovered after the Agile War that the G.r. was considered to be stronger than Sub Machine guns In the Rivera Federation Military. The G.r. Proved it's usefulness yet again during the events of the War of 1211. Like the Rain Wars' The G.r. became the Rangerain's key in defending their home continent of Jeromoria from the Rivera Federation Invasion During the Rangerian Invasion Of Beltlogger Sector the Rivera Federation forces began to abandon their Han 21's for captured G.r.'s which began to mark the Rivera Federation's first major Interest in Rangerian Weaponry. After the War Of 1211 the G.r. was used by Citizens in the Earth Continent's and remained on the Earth even after the Second World War. Despite being A Rangerian Assault Rifle, the Grinder Rampent is also used by Rivera Federation Forces as well as Citizens Of Beltlogger Sector, and the Earth Continents. The Rangerian's used the G.r. in world war 2 as well to try and hold back the Soviet Advance despite their rage, and a second time during the Encore Invasion of Remix Village during the war with the Rivera Federation. Throughout many Millenniums the G.r. continued to serve in the Rivera Rangerain Military, until August 13th, 4009, when the newly developed G.r 8 Sub Machine Gun replaced the old version.

Numbers Built: 4,000,200,100,0124 ...

Status: 982,000,000BE - 4009...

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