Fort Envo (Fort Belgium)
Fort Belgium
Constructed: February 22nd, 2174
Destroyed: December 31st, 2206


Conflict: The Galactic War
Owned By: Belgium
Region: In the Skies above Georgia


Second Fort: Cloudsdale, Equestria...
Second Fort Constructed: June 4th, 2174
Death Toll: 100,234,913

Fort Belgium also known as Fort Envo Was known to be, an FS7 POW prisoner-of-war Fort during the Rivera Federation War On Earth, It was known to be located in the skies about 200 feet above North Eastern Georgia, for miles South West of Atlanta. Fort Belgium was known to be one of the worsts fortress in the history of Organic like forms, about a grand total of approximately 200,000,000 U.E.A prisoners held In the skies above Georgia during the war, 100,234,913 died due to starvation, malnutrition, diarrhea, disease, abuse and blunt weapon executions from FS7 guards. The fort was also constructed, 4 months later, after the first one In Cloudsdale in the skies above Equestria, which would make it a Ponies worst nightmare.

History Edit


The prison, which opened in February early 2174,[6] originally covered about 190.5 acres of land enclosed by a 200-foot high walls. In June 2174 it was enlarged to 200.5 acres. The walls surrounded the entire fort, from the Prison Stadium, which contained the highest walls, to the Military Sectors. The Prison Stadium was known to be about 26.5 acres long, with no means of cover, in the area. Giant electrical fences known as the dead line surrounded the area, along with large bunkers inside the surrounding towers on the walls fitted with MG.42's and shark snipers. There were two entrances on the west side of the Walls, one leading into the FS7 Barracks area, another, leading outside, both were entirely covered by thick anti flesh forcefields, that were known as human death traps.

"the dead line" was erected approximately 19 feet (5.8 m) inside the giant walls. It demarcated a no-man's land that kept prisoners away from the wall, anyone crossing or even touching this line was shot without further command of any kind by sentries located in the Tower Shafts.


Early YearsEdit

During the time of the Rivera Federation War, Fort Belgium Prison was frequently undersupplied with food, this applied to prisoners of the United Earth Alliance, within the fort. Even when sufficient quantities were available, the supplies were of turned into liquid fuel, for the FS7 War Effort on Earth in which moved the POW supplies into depletion. During the summer of 2174 U.E.A prisoners suffered greatly from hunger, exposure and disease. Within seven months, about a third of them died from what was diagnosed as dysentery, Execution, and scurvy and were thrown off of the fort, as the FS7 would watch in amusement as the bodies plunged down towards the earth below. In 2174 the FS7 began to launch major executions against the humans raising there deaths to the thousands in just about 8 weeks.

water supplies that were running from special Riverian made turbine generators located from deep within the Fort itself, became polluted from FS7 Wastes, from the Industry section. Part of the creek was used as a sink and the men and women were forced to wash themselves in the creek, some women, were shot by sharks just for the fun of it, bringing absolute outrage two the prisoners.

The conditions were so poor that in July, 2175 The Continentals began ordering massive executions in the Prisoner stadium. The worst occurred, after the Prisoners attacked and breached the FS7 Barracks sector and killed all personal inside. After which the FS7 responded by a large massacre that left the Prisoners dead once again by the thousands.

In the latter part of the summer of 2175 the FS7 threatened to slaughter the rest of the prisoners with the use of Stryker APC's and Raider support if they should think about uprising again.

Final Years Of the War On EarthEdit

As the war on earth took a close in the early opening of the 23rd, Century, the Prisoners, of Fort Belgium, was starting to lose all faith, and hope, until a fresh group of U.E.A forces arrived after being captured by the FS7, during the Liberation of North Carolina, in 2206. They later spoke on the conditions of the war, which sparked happiness into the prisoners. New Gunghollow had been conquered, Russia, and 80% Of Asia was at the point of liberation, and South America and Canada, were also now on the brink of Liberation. However some of the prisoners, had humble doubts that they would not be able to make it, towards liberation day. As the war drew closer, the FS7, defenses began to focus more on the sky, with the U.E.A doing endless air raids on the fort. On April 4th, 2206, the FS7 lost control of Georgia, and the war would later come into the skies above towards fort Belgium.


Main article: List of Fort Belgium Prisoners
Prisoners Of War Date Captured Status
Neela Lotta: August 2nd, 2174 Deceased
Horace Rivera: November 3rd, 2174 Freed, 2175
Blaze: January 1st, 2175 Deceased
Gene Burti: January 1st, 2175 Deceased
Eva Nohan: January 13th, 2175 Freed, 2175
Richard Stallion: April 5th, 2175 Freed, 2175
Bert Bolt: April 9th, 2175 Deceased
Nila Longheart: June 7th, 2174 Deceased
Rim Norton: June 26th, 2174 Deceased
Hoofania Toof: April 24th, 2175 Deceased
Braun Hoofla: April 2nd, 2175

Freed, 2175

Judan Fro: January 1st, 2175 Freed, 2175
Trixie Yin: January 1st, 2175 Deceased
Silver Plate: June 4th, 2174 Deceased
Rainbow Dash: February 6th, 2175 Freed, 2175

Fort Belgium In Equestria Edit

Main article: Fort Belgium Cloudsdale

Early in during the Invasion of the World of Harmony, prisoners were commonly shot, on the spot, but some were taken behind the thick steel walls of the Flying Fortress Belgium. UEF Human troops, as well as ponies after their surrender would often become victims of war crimes from the FS7, Grant Calliope, attempted to respond with these brutal aggressions along side Princess Celestia, by attempting to launch a full scale air raid above the fort, but the air raid was easily repelled, which also lead towards the destruction of the April 1st Uprising of 2175, and the death of Neela Lotta.

Continental Hunter Core Rivera, suggested the interior of the Prison would make better usage in the sky rather than on the ground. The Idea would prove quite successful, as a possible location for these new camps since it was thought to be quite far from the front lines and would be relatively immune to any land attack. A site was selected in Cloudsdale, which would later come under fire from a large FS7 Invasion, and the new Fort Belgium prison opened in June 4th of 2174, making the second fort to be the sister Camp of It's elder Fort Belgium that hovers 300 feet off the ground on Planet of Earth. The second Fort however was known to be shorter than the first, and more lower. It covered about 14.5 acres of Cloudsdale as well as the once cloud which housed the Rainbow Factory, and was enclosed with 200 Feet of Steel Walls, guarded by strong Anti Air Turrets.

Tragedies of CloudsdaleEdit

The cruelness, and torturous ways of Fort Belgium, would leave about 78% Of the Pegasus Species of Equestria dead, along with another total of about 20% of them being murdered by FS7 Guards. Sometimes Ponies were willing to fake their own deaths, hoping to be carried out and left on the pile of corpses rotting outside the prison gates, so that they could run off after dark, towards the skyline, but these antics would often fail all the time leading these Ponies to die anyway. Many Pegasus risked crossing the dead line to scale the Giant Steel Walls, but even those few who made it over to the top would be fired from the MG.42 fire at the very top.

Some of the Pegasus as well would lose hope and would move over the deadline as suicide in an attempt to escape Fort Belgium's Cruel Antics, many new born Colts, and Fillies became target Practice for FS7 Guards in the use of MG.42's, ARK-78's, and R.74's, causing the parents to commit suicide over the death of their newly beloved Pegasus and Pegasai's that were born, only to be executed by the FS7. Some of the Fillies, and Colts if they were to survive Target Practie would later be skinned alive, just for FS7 Amusement.

The Fort Belgium UprisingEdit

The antics of The FS7's brutal war crimes would later cause so much anger into the heart of Princess Celestia, her little sister, and the UED.

This caused the Pegasus ponies to revolt the FS7's direct rule and follow Admiral Richardson's morale - "You all think you lose, you all just lossed your loved ones, you've lost everything! No one's going to lose everything they had! Put aside your differences! Show this damned beasts THE TRUE MEANING OF SACRIFICE! This is for your loved ones! This is for your nation! This is for your ponies! This, is the day where you all will fight...... FOR FREEDOM! Fight for your loved ones, for your land, and for your glorious nation! URA!" All his morale shows the Pegasi the meaning of sacrifice, as his morale said. Admiral Richardson's flagship, the DSS Hammerhead, has ordered the Pegasi's loved ones to enter the battlecruisers while he and his men will fight to the death until every machines were dead. The Rebellion was lead by Rivera, in the opening months of 2175, and were known to have a huge success of the FS7, in breaching the military Barracks, destroying any android they spot, but a massive FS7 counter attack crushed the uprising in a large massacre, which drove the Prisoners, back into the Stadium, where they were locked down, and threatned death if they uprised again. Ever since than the FS7 shunted all networks from the ground, cutting away all contact with Princess Celestia, and the UEF.

During the climax of the battle, one of the Battle Fleet soldiers witnessed Nillia given birth to a colt named Stanly, but they witnessed FS7 androids barging in and demands where the colt was hiding. However, something goes off which reveals to be an outraged soldier - armed with an M240 - who fires at the androids before they shot her. This man was punished by Scale Ripping, and was thrown outside the Skyline, where he would later be remembered by all Prisoners as the Hero of Equestria.

Aftermath Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Wha do they do? Shoot you for fun in here?!" -Rivera, November 4th, 2174
  • Canterlot is on the ground, and we're in the sky... Celestia is heading right below us..." -Rivera, June 2nd, 2175

Trivia Edit

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